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Thank you guys, I have ordered a uc400eth and hope that will help me.
 I only need the extra inputs for my THC(Plasma Torch Height Controller).

"That is not a problem for a non time critical signal, then there is no problem"

Get a UC400ETH.

You can't use more than one motion controller, and you can't use both a motion controller and parallel port together.
SO you need a motion controller with multiple ports, like a UC400ETH.

Okay, thank you very much! :)

Hey, I have this project where i need 3 Axis with home switches, and a THC (Plasma Torch Height Controller) for my Z axis, with a plasmacutter.
That means i need 6 digital inputs. And My geckoboard540 only have 4 digital inputs.
too solve that problem i want to use a second board which is the standart mach3 interfaceboard.
My computer is a laptop hp probook 6570b (windows 7, 32bit), without db25 parallelport. So i got two uc100 motion controllers.
But, when i start mach3 it forces me to choose between those two uc100 controller, but i can actually see, both of them the plugincontrol, in/out monitor, they react when I affect the inputs.
Other then that, i only have one ECP-printerport (LPT1), with the following adresses: 0378 - 037F and 0778  -077A.
The first address works fine with (port1= 0x378). But the second port2= 0x778 doesnt work.

Then i have tried to make second ECP-printerport (LPT3), manualy, but it has problems finding a free address.
But yet it found a free, weird address which is (LPT3 =  03BC - 03BE. But it does not work either.

Are there Anyone who can help me plz  :)

Sorry for my bad english.

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