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I found it but am having trouble trying to post it. I keep getting this error:

"Sorry! There is already an attachment with the same filename as the one you tried to upload. Please rename the file and try again."

Also, I was under the impression that all switches for the X axis were to be connected to a single input of the Gecko and assigned to it's own pin in Mach3... This may indicate my error.

I was also under the assumption that you could use just one switch for limits and home for each axis...

I'm not saying the above statements are true, I'm just showing you the logic I followed. This detail may reveal my error(s) to you.

Thanks again.

Craig, I will try to configure the switches as you said... Each axis will have a Home switch connected to the Gecko. So X will go to input one, Y to input two and Z to input three while the remaining switches (connected in series) go to input four. In Mach3, I will assign X Home to pin 10, Y Home to pin 11 and Z Home to pin 12. I will then assign X++, Y++ and either Z++ or Z-  to pin 13. Does this sound correct?

I'm sorry, I do not understand what the XML is that I should post. I will surely do this if it is explained.

Sorry guys, I am new to this kind of configuration. I sure appreciate the help though.


I have two switches for the x axis, one on each end. I have one switch for the y axis with adjustable stops on each end. I have two switches for the z axis, one at the top and one at the bottom. As I have it wired, I have both of the x axis switches wired in series and connected to input 1 of my G540. The y axis switch is connected to input 2. The two z axis switches are wired in series and connected to input 3. All of the grounds are tied together as in the Gecko manual.

The problem I'm having is that no matter how I configure the settings in ports and pins/inputs, I cannot get the z axis switches to do anything. When on the diagnostic tab, I can see the switches for x and y light up the appropriate input light, but the z axis never indicates anything and will not trigger a stop. I have checked continuity of the switches for all of the axis and see no difference in the measurements with my Fluke meter. I have checked all for voltage too... All three of the above circuits show zero volts to ground in a normal state. If I engage any of the switches from any of the circuits, I get approximately 11 vdc. I don't know if that voltage is correct but it does show that all 3 circuits are functioning exactly the same and that all of the switches are connected NC. I have all three inputs enabled in Mach3, (++, - and Home) for each of the axis. Also, all three inputs use the same input pin for each axis, 10 for x, 11 for y and 12 for the z.

I changed the physical wiring terminal of the z axis switches to the #4 pin of the G540 and changed the input pin to 13 in Mach3. This changed nothing as far as the way the z axis switches are not functioning.

Is there a simple fix for this? Should I wire the switches so that I have each home switch has an individual input... x to input pin 10, y to 11, z to 12 and connect the remaining switches in series to input pin 13? Maybe there is something else mis-configured in Mach3... Maybe my G540 is malfunctioning. I wouldn't think so, but not ruling it out.

Other than this issue, everything seems to be working perfectly, even the spindle control.

What am I missing?


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