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Here are some pics...

Watching the UC100 in/out monitor closing or opening the mechanical switch does nothing. No change in the monitor... Red box stays red regardless of switch being open or closed.

The only time that Estop light goes out is for the split second after I press reset... Then it goes blank for a half second or so, then back to red.

Are you referring to the actual switch I'm using for an estop? Or a "button" in the UC100 in/out monitor?

The emulated box is unchecked. I'm using an SPST switch for ann estop. It reads 0.2 ohms.

Yes, I will make that call today. I though I saw a hint of non-continuity on pin 15 of the Dsub25 gender changer.

Please don't assume you are conversing with an idiot. 20 years ago, I was automating machines from the 1800s, converting all of the hand driven levers to hydraulic actuators with limit switches and hand-off-auto stations. I even set up hopper feeders etc... The next job I had at a torch tip factory, included building machines that didn't exist until our engineering team built them. I put in more time than anyone into those projects. Point is, I have been doing automation and troubleshooting of the like since the mid 90s. I think I can keep track of some limit switches for three axis as well as the estop. What you are saying is condescending. If you want to see what kind of work I do now, look here: www.volitionamps.com , if I can wire those up, I think you would agree that the wiring we are talking about seems simple by comparison.

I can't count the number of Bridgport mills or Cincinnati lathes that I have installed servos and scales on. I cannot tell you how many Idecs or Slc50s I implemented in years gone by.

I can and do multi-task regularly. I am not just changing stuff at random. I read some of the similar problems and attempt some changes. If I see no change, or nothing in the right direction, I roll them back. I can keep track.

You may not be able to help, but there is no need to assume that just because you don't understand my issue, I am doing heretical things in a haphazard way. My troubleshooting methods are quite refined.

I do admit that this is new to me and others have more experience. That experience can help detect what might be faulty or just mis-configured.

All of this to say, rest assured that my limit switches and estop are connected and functioning properly as far as mechanicaly and electricaly. The interface between Mach3 and the G540 are what I suspect to be bad or mis-configured.

Also, there is a difference between being rather good at something while implementing a new method of arrival and being a total hack. I am the former, not the latter.

I have checked everything you are imply that I should disconnect and recheck. I do this as I go as a general practice. Maybe we could skip ahead to find the real problem.

Shall I post pictures?

Ok... the UC100 arrived. I followed the instructions for the automatic installer. I let it install the drivers, plugged in the UC100 to the computer via the USB, rebooted the computer, started Mach3 and let it do it's thing.

Now I'm having an issue where when I hit the reset button on the screen the following happens briefly:

On the G540
1 - The red "fault" light goes off.
2-  The green "power" light turns on.
When looking at the UC100 In/Out Monitor:
3- The red "Estop" indicator turns off (blank).
4- The blank "idle" indicator turns red.
5- The Pin State of "15. Inp ." (yellow) goes blank.
6- The Pin State of "16. Out." (blank) flashes red.
7- The motors go active (not moving).
8- The Blue and Green LEDs on the UC100 are lit constantly, the Blue flashes off when the Reset button is pressed.

The above lasts about 1/2 seconds.

Then it goes back to the previous state.

Motors inactive, "Fault" lit red,"15. Inp." lit yellow, "Estop" lit red and "Reset" button flashing indicating "Emergency Mode" on the screen.

When I watch via the diagnostics page, I see none of the indicators lit until I push "Reset". When I do that, the "Emergency" indicator flashes briefly.

All of the limit and home switches are showing the proper indications on the diagnostics page.

I had outputs 3, 5 and 7 indicating red in the UC100 Monitor until I checked "Dir LowActive" for X, Y and Z axis in "Motor Outputs". With those checked, those indicators are blank. Even with these unchecked, the machine still does the same thing, except that the indicators for Outputs 3, 5 and 7 are lit red.

I do not see the change of indicator expected when changing the Estop switch position. There is no indication on the diagnostic page or the UC100 monitor.

I was using the older XP based computer for all of the above testing. I decided to try a newer 64 bit Win7 machine. I loaded Mach3 and repeated the driver installation procedure on the new computer only to get the exact same results.

It seems that no combination of Active Hi/Low for any of the inputs including the Estop will get this thing to stay active. I didn't have this problem before the UC100. Without that, inputs 3 and 4 were not making it to Mach3. It would go active, it just didn't respond to inputs 3 or 4. I have tried this with the Max Step Rate set to 100kHz and 50 kHz. Also just for giggles, I tried Dereference axis on Estop both ways, no difference though.
So, no joy as of yet.


I figured out what my immediate problem was... The signal on pins 12 and 13 of the parallel port cable is not making it all the way through. 10 and 11 are there. I am going to order a UC100 on Monday.

Thanks for the help so far.


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