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LazyCam (Beta) / Re: Importing Text from CorelDRAW for engraving
« on: May 31, 2018, 12:36:12 AM »
Here are some screenshots that may help...

LazyCam (Beta) / Re: Importing Text from CorelDRAW for engraving
« on: May 31, 2018, 12:24:28 AM »
I have had some success with engraving before. I use Corel X6, export as .dxf, load into SheetCam and post to Mach3. I have followed the steps from the first post and it seemed to work. I am new at this so I'm sure I need some guidance.

I have a file (Bass Freak 1-1.dxf) that is not showing up correctly in SheetCam and I want to ask what I can do to fix it.

First of all, the drawing is so far from the work-space that it is barely visible. Where do I correct this error? In Corel or SheetCam? ...and how?

Second, there are extra lines that are connecting the letters that I want to remove. In this case I cannot figure out how to fix the "r" in "Rocker". There is a double line in the "r" that seems to bee two loops tied together instead of the usual two that are separate. I can usually delete one of them and things will be fine. Since I cannot delete one of those lines, does this cause the shading entities to change from red to yellow in this letter? I can't figure out the best way to eliminate this problem and as it stands, I can't use the gcode. Maybe I could edit the actual gcode once I get to the point of understanding it better. Also, there are two sets of lines for almost every bit for this job. Is there a way to eliminate the duplicate lines that would be simpler than to select edit contours, right click them and moving them to another (invisible) layer? This seems tedious and I'n hoping for an easier way.

If this is not relevant, I hope the mods will move it.

I bought two new gender changers for less than $5. I installed one and this seems to work. All was functional except the charge pump until I changed another setting. In CONFIG--> GENERAL CONFIG, I ticked the box for "Charge Pump On In Estop". I tested this out and the motors go inactive if I close Mach3. This is what I was looking for. All limit and home switches behave exactly as expected. Thus I was finally able to set the machine to machine coordinate home.

Thanks again TPS, your insight was absolutely key to my success!!

...and I didn't have to tear everything down t figure this out.


Thank you again for the help.

I used my o-scope to test the output of pin 16 (charge pump) to pin 25 (gnd) at the db25 of the UC100. I can cycle reset and see the signal change state. If I plug the gender changer into the UC100 and check pin 16 I get no change of state. Within the gender changer is where the charge pump signal stops. Off to the local electronics store for a new one.

Would you suggest not using the charge pump?

I do not have Enable 1 checked in my configuration.

I want the charge pump signal to stop motor activity when it is interrupted.

Changed some directions, etc.. This is the current xml file. All works correctly except for the charge pump. I have to turn the Gecko switch to off to get any mill function.

Two different computers were used to verify that the charge pump is not from a particular computer. Same results from each, so that isolates the problem to common hardware.

Fresh new xml... Now it is acting differently.

The Estop and all limit/home switches are showing up correctly in the diagnostic screen. It still goes into emergency mode when I press reset.

I turned off the charge pump switch on the Gecko and it works as expected... The Estop won't deactivate the motors because the Gecko isn't looking for the charge pump signal, but that is what I expect.

So it looks like the charge pump signal is interrupted. I will trace this and see where it stops.


if your e-stop Switch is connected to pin15 the led in UC Monitor shouls Change if you Switch it.

I am not seeing any change with the indicator you circled... It stays yellow regardless of switch being open or closed.

It does blink off briefly when I push the reset button.

Sure... and thank you for your help!

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