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General Mach Discussion / Create option for Mach3
« on: January 31, 2022, 01:52:59 AM »

I have created M1030 script to automatically close toolpath file after its finished. (DoOemButton(169)). Mostly I dont need to run same file several times on row.

But sometimes its needed and I thought about creating checkbox on screen to disable autoclose of file. At moment I dont have any idea how to do it without modifying a code or delete a file. Can somebody help me with some reference?

I am familiar with machscreen program and able to create object for mach3.

VB and the development of wizards / Shorten "File" label
« on: June 03, 2018, 05:08:02 PM »

My cnc running pc use shared folders from another pc and mach3 displays full local network path + folders + running file. Sometimes File label string is too long to fit into label and most important part of it (file name) is not visible anymore.

Is it somehow possible to shorten file path by cutting off first part of File string in case it is too long?


I hope somebody give me a hint how to solve my problem or which settings to look for.

I have XHC MKX-IV control card -> http://www.cdxhctech.com/html/eProduct/view_337.html

My CNC is not working properly all the time. Sometimes it losing Y-coordinates and machine think like actual position of spindle is 10-20mm closer to 0. This happen when I use auto tool zero or I manually insert custom coordinates instead. I know I inserted right numbers (usually I insert Z-coordinate by increasing or decreasing it by small amount (0,1...0,2mm) and when CNC starts job it cuts parts out from wrong distance on Y-axis.

Sometimes CNC stops between job and give error "Is the XPod inserted OK? It has ceased to respond." This was long time ago, last year I didnt get this problem.

And the worst problem which happened since this week and which I try to solve: sometimes one of the Y-axis motor stop working between job or even motors running on opposite direction which cause damage for CNC construction. This is serious issue which I tried to solve by downloading latest driver from XHC homepage.

I downloaded ver, made copy of original driver and pasted new driver to right location at mach3/plugins. Now when I start machine, call all axis home and using auto tool zero for Z axis I get Z-coordinate to use. But I lose this position in case I refer all axis to home again. It show me right coordinates but changes it to random value 3-5 seconds later after all axis are homed. Somehow mach3 take that "random value" from previous mach3 session, but it wont update that value between current session. I am afraid to damage table when I will use shorter tool and wanna use longer tool after that and by some reason I need to call machine to home and forget to autozero it. :(

My question is what causes Mach3 to change coordinates after all axis are called home without turning off machine? It is somehow related with driver because I tried to copy back old version of driver and coordinates are right after calling axis to home. Or which settings will be reset after driver change?

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