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General Mach Discussion / Using my Mill to Turn.
« on: February 15, 2018, 05:09:04 PM »
Hi everyone, this is a very popular forum, I am brand new here. 

So here is what I am have and what I am doing.  I am fairly new to Mach3 but am learning.  I have a licensed version of Mach 3.  I have a SYIL X5 Pro milling machine running Mach 3 Mill.  I use Fusion 360 for my CAD/CAM. 

What I want to do is turn a piece using the spindle, and a tool mounted to the bed.  Whenever I go to produce the G-Code through Fusion I get a warning and an error.  My guess is that there is something not set up correctly within the post process.  My question is, can I approach this some other way, say directly through Mach3.  The part I want to turn is fairly complex, its actually a wooden goose call.

Any hints on this?

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