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O Roger, well leave it at that.  bob

Sounds like your father may have been very unforgiving Roger.  bob

Roger thank you...bob

Ok lets try this

The X axis growling sound occurred only when I turned on the spindle.

Gary, Gery, Craig, joeaverage, Chaoticone, and those others helping me, including the moderator and administrator.:   I did another experiment.  I swapped the supposedly malfunctioning drive from running the A-axis to running the X-axis.  I took the X-axis driver and put it on the A-axis.  So X and A have been swapped.   The stepper motor to the X-axis did the same crazy movement, growling sound as the A axis used to do.   The A-axis behaved beautifully, no problem at all.  I also went on the web and found youtube videos of higher end drivers malfunctioning... one guy bought 4 and 3 were bad.  So I am beginning to think I have a bad driver. Each time I do something, I go ahead and switch any non-shielded cable to a shielded cable.  bob

Craig I have tried 3 times to post photos to the forum but it rejects it each time.  If you will send me an email to me at anchorite@socal.rr.com  then I will send you the 2 photos I would like to talk about.  I need a picture drawn showing me how to do this ceramic thing.  can you send me a photo please?


Ok Craig... thank you... will pick these up tomorrow if they have them.   bob

sorry it would not import the other photo...

Craig Hi,  thanks for the heads up... attached are a couple photos of the driver and one with the lid off... bob

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