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To Craig and others...

There appears to be some progress.  The capacitor that I believe Craig suggested that I put  across the PUL+ and PUL- contacts, and then another across the Dir+ and Dir- contacts---well this seems to have worked.  To check,  the capacitor was first removed from the PUL+/PUL- connection and then the spindle was turned on.  The A-axis lathe remained still and did not move.  But when I removed the 2nd capacitor, the lathe started right up on its own as the spindle turned on.   So  both capacitors were put back in as before,  and the lathe did not turn on again.  Now I have to turn run a bit of testing to see if A-axis will index properly and other things... but Craig, you had a great suggestion and thank you.  I will continue to clean up system will the list that was shown a few posts earlier...this is to have a thorough way of approaching working in this environment.  It would be good to go thru the proper motor tunings with someone for how the A-axis lathe should be set up... it seem to be mis-configured.  Thanks again, you really helped... bob

Wow... it certainly got complicated and also their egos could not afford to acknowledge that they were changing their story.  I see that being a moderator has its real price in terms of putting one into situations of being left with a bad taste in one's mouth.  My personal experience is that the type of narcissistic individual you are describing is actually fairly common in all cultures.  I definitely hear that your lament has a strong basis in fact.  I would guess that the existential question now comes to the personal value one derives in taking on such a task of helping others in the face of this narcissism.  It throws one into a crises and forces us to reassess what we are doing.  And what is our psychological stand on helping others in general.  Kind of, "no-pearls-to-swine" versus giving to those where some real help would be accepted and highly valued by those individuals.  Now when you identify the person who would value your real capacity to help...well then, that is where you would gain a deep sense of meaning for the time you are expending.  In this instance, the sense of meaning you derive from helping the other person kind of "makes our effort nourishing to both them and ourselves".  Do you agree with this?  And in this way we build a net of relations in the world that gives us a strong sense of connected-ness and that the world is not "just-an-abyss" of one atom bouncing off another.  The narcissist on the other hand, would project the barren-ness of their own inner experience onto you, so that you would carry the raw pain of their inner state for them. They do this by giving you their problem, then blaming you for their confusion, and then they take the credit for the solution...round and round.  You get what I am saying...
 This is what is happening in your description above, to you and other mentors on the forum.  This process of your getting handed their piece of **** while you are also expected to process it for them and then hand it back to them as a piece of gold, is the basic strategy of narcissistic behavior.  Now since I have to work with these types of individuals often enough, and as I have gone through your experience on a regular basis... I have been forced to adopt some ground rules to bring an individual to a point where they don't get to hand me the entire piece of their emotional wound.  I take a part of it and then let them struggle with that.  I do "modify" some of their "issue" and give it back to them.  After all, that is part of my job and under the surface we are dealing with scare and terrified people...to which I have a commitment to help... but you do not have that obligation.  But hopefully my description of their behavior and why--can help to bring meaning into a difficult situation and help you to establish boundaries against invasive behavior.  Thank you for letting me explain this... bob

Thanks Craig...bob

Note for Craig.

Craig Hi,

On an earlier post you said:
just put a capacitor between Dir+ and Dir- and another between Puls+ and Puls-


So as not to burn something up, I interpreted your statement to mean one of the two options attached... so is it Option C or Option D, or just the big buzzer!!??  bob

I do wish this forum had an edit button, so that after you've posted something and realize you mis spelled...you could go back and correct...

What I have been asked to do, but have not yet finished, but will are the following:

proper grounding-- some say put in an earthgrounding rod or similar, othesr say watch out for earth loop... but will do as an experiment.
change to the driver type that did not get activated when the spindle came on, other say don't change driver but do these other things... I will do both as an experiment.
rewire everything more in line with good electric principles... will do this...and get rid of stars etc..
Ceramic capacitor fix--I got them today
Shielded cables--I will do this, have started already.'
Put electrical devices in a larger and all metal grounded box as opposed to where I have all of this located now... I will do this.
I am forgetting 3 or more other things mentioned... but I have printed out all suggestions and will get to them in the order received.

This will all take some time and some money, though not that much...new alum case is $65 or so...  the new driver was $58 and has been ordered.  So I am guessing a couple hundred bucks...this is manageable...fixed income--you know...

I appreciated the help you have given...so here we go step by step... bob

Roger, yes I agree, no problem.  bob

Chaoticone said:

I can't tell you how many posts I have seen where someone asked a question and in short order have the exact fix by someone, yet the posts go on forever because the person looking for the answer did not like the answer.

Bob's response:  I see what you are saying.  It makes sense.  What I wish to offer though is that for someone new often it is not that they don't take and use the exact "fix" that was offered (that was in fact accurate), but that their level of understanding does not allow for them to realize that what is being described actually is "the fix".   If there is a big cat in a tree in the jungle, any child of the tribe will quickly see the cat and bring it to all concerned... but if a grown adult from the city goes into the forest... he is likely to be eaten because he does not have the context to differentiate cat from tree.  So in my explanations to people, I have to re-image to them in different ways--how cat is not tree. (How what they are going thru is the manifestation of some way of perceiving life that lacks differentiation -- like when they blame what happens on everyone else, even when it was them that caused the problem).

I picked up a bull snake once in a dense patch of wild gourd.  But when the end of the tail came out of the leaves it had a rattle on it, so I slowly lowered it back down and it went on its way.  Seeing the tail was a true "aha moment". My differentiation increase at light speed!  I don't say it was pleasurable--that is I didn't like the answer...like the learning curve to the vast realm of electronics/computer.  Hopefully some of you are smiling now.  Bob

Craig Hi,

I have been wondering about the moderator, the administrator, and others that have some authority in the forum...are these people paid by Newfangled etc.?  Kind of how does a forum work politically...this is kind of a separate topic... but a few words would be appreciated... perhaps others, especially newbies do not have much of an image of what it takes to work "a forum"...  I am open to hearing people' stories.  Bob

Ok,  I went back over the past few posts and it seems that I hit (unknowingly) a nerve in the community. Certainly not intentional on my part.  I am "slowly" proceeding through all the suggestions that have been given to me and  it will take some time to internalize fully what has been offered.  I can see that many of you are highly knowledgeable.  I wish to honor that  and it has not slipped by my awareness---the authenticity of the gifts that all of you have been making on my behalf.  Please hear me when I say I  am committed to bring myself to some level of real functionality and that I am aware it really does come from hard work and applying oneself over and over until it sinks in and can be accessed in a fluid and creative manner.  My career is that of a therapist and I see, quite well--this very issue that has gotten under the skin of those trying to help others here on the forum.  That is--many clients come in demanding a magical solution and that they will just be given the golden key to success in life.  In fact, some have literally demanded it!  My position is to work their assumptions, that life is magically easy, to the realization that one can be "eaten" in any moment, and that waking to this fact often produces that crises of identity that is the wound of so many--yet is essential for anything "worthy" to really come forth in life.  I wish to gain your respect over time thru application of your suggestions to the point of some real clarity in myself about how the CNC world really works  and thus can participate in something that most do not have access to... and in the final stage yields the tools that the creative mind must have.  Once again, thank you for your honesty, time and efforts.

Bob Campbell

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