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Has anyone one had any experience with the connections between the Hicon Intega and KRS servo controllers???

The issue that I am experiencing is I can't get the servo controller to enable when I enable in MACH4.  If I set the servo control to enable upon power on I have no issue jogging the axis +\-.  If I set the external enable to be active (pn003 = 0) and out02 enabled on the interga wired to sig 1 on Pin 6 of cn2 on the KRS. With either an active hi or lo and MACH4 motor enable selected I can't jog the motor at all.

If someone can help or you require more info.

please let me know.



HiCON Motion Controller / Download System Config Error
« on: August 01, 2017, 10:15:44 PM »
Hello All,

I am trying to setup my new Interga communications and I am have a very hard time.

I have tried both direct connection and through a router and with both ways I can see the card and read it's data but the card doesn't stay connected to MACH 4.  The errors I get are as follows and they just loop every few seconds.

ERROR:  Download System Config error
error downloading config data to HiCon.  Enable Mach4 to Retry
HiCON Pluggin: 2.01.47, Board: 7766 Serial: 8BBE5D FW: 3.12, FPGA: 7E7B, IP:, AdapterIP:
Message Type [45433],  NO RESPONSE for 2000ms....
ERROR: Signal Config Download Error (CODE =0). Try Reboot Device

If anyone can offer any help, Please let me

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