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Thanks for the suggestion,  I have upgrade my drives from stepper drivers to servo drivers and the Hicon to stepper driver enable had been used before.  I guess i was wondering if maybe the pinout on the KRS controller schematic were correct.  Tonight I will drive and ground pin 6 direct and see if the controller enables and if not I will try the other input pins, to see it maybe the enable pin is not the pin they say it is. 

Has anyone one had any experience with the connections between the Hicon Intega and KRS servo controllers???

The issue that I am experiencing is I can't get the servo controller to enable when I enable in MACH4.  If I set the servo control to enable upon power on I have no issue jogging the axis +\-.  If I set the external enable to be active (pn003 = 0) and out02 enabled on the interga wired to sig 1 on Pin 6 of cn2 on the KRS. With either an active hi or lo and MACH4 motor enable selected I can't jog the motor at all.

If someone can help or you require more info.

please let me know.



HiCON Motion Controller / Download System Config Error
« on: August 01, 2017, 10:15:44 PM »
Hello All,

I am trying to setup my new Interga communications and I am have a very hard time.

I have tried both direct connection and through a router and with both ways I can see the card and read it's data but the card doesn't stay connected to MACH 4.  The errors I get are as follows and they just loop every few seconds.

ERROR:  Download System Config error
error downloading config data to HiCon.  Enable Mach4 to Retry
HiCON Pluggin: 2.01.47, Board: 7766 Serial: 8BBE5D FW: 3.12, FPGA: 7E7B, IP:, AdapterIP:
Message Type [45433],  NO RESPONSE for 2000ms....
ERROR: Signal Config Download Error (CODE =0). Try Reboot Device

If anyone can offer any help, Please let me

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