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General Mach Discussion / Re: Limit Switches Hard and Soft
« on: February 28, 2018, 05:11:40 AM »
I am right in the middle of this very same struggle. However, after messing with the “steps per” I’m Mach for a few hours trying to figure out why my axis’s would only move half as far as They should. I found out that the the drivers have a half step dip switch. I flipped that and then the distances work great. I am now trying to figure out my home/limits switches. I will have to start a new thread for myself and try and get a little help. with that portion.

Hello all, I am a CNC Prototype Machinist in Phoenix Az . I also built a home shop and picked up a EZ Path CNC lathe and an old Boss 5 mill.
The mill is what brought me here. It has the original control and I did get it to finally run, I know nothing about it except that it needs a new control. So, I bought a package deal Mach3/Bobcad setup and am in the process of converting it. Actually, I am just starting the conversion.
So hopefully I will gain some insight here and maybe even contribute a little.

I will commence to do some reading now, and will also start a thread shortly speaking some guidance.

  Thanks for letting me in here.


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