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General Mach Discussion / Mach3 only loading half the program
« on: December 11, 2018, 06:43:37 AM »
I have been trying to load a program I created in Bobcad and have on a USB stick.I have run a few programs through this process and had no problem. Now I am trying to load a longer program and only half of it loads into Mach3. I’m not sure why.

 I bought the control complete with computer and Mach3 installed a while back. It came with a disk with the license and plugins on it.  I was having trouble setting up Mach when I retrofitted my machine. So at one point I ended up reloading the recommended version of Mach3 that I read on Warp9’s website. I have had it working for a while now and haven’t had too many real problems with it, although I have only made a few parts with it.

 Anyway, when I reloaded Mach, does Mach automatically pick up my license and plugins? Or do I have to run the disk now? Or did I do it wrong in the first place? And could this be my issue of not being able to load a longer program? I only ask because I just read on the Mach site that if you are running an unlicensed version that there is a line limit .  And possibly, since I downloaded the recommended version, Maybe my license is not automatically recognized now?

So I have been muddling through the homing and limits. I got the homing working great. But when I activate the limit switch, the axis(x or y)
Will move at normal speed in one direction and real slow when I switch directions. I must have a settting messed up.
Any suggestions?

  Thanks. Rick

Hello guys,

 I have been reading threads and watching you tube vids to no avail. So I am looking for help to my problem.I am a Machinst and not an electical/electronics guy so I am learning as I go.

I have a Bridgeport Boss 5 and the switches are all Normally open switches. I have them attached seperately to pins 11 for  X axis, 12 for Y axis and 13 for Z axis. The ports and pins look correct as far as I can tell.
My axis's all move in the correct direction in jog and mdi. And the scaling looks to be correct. When I hit all reference home the Z heads for the home and ignores the switch and keeps going.
Same in all axis when I try to individually home them. I am using a Mach3 5 axis breakout board along with the ESS. I would try and post some pics if I were able, but I will have to figure that out first.
Any advice,critique. and help is greatly appreciated.


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