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Hi Craig

thanks for the reply.
are you telling me that the Electronic gear Ratio(EGR) must be equal 1 in order to satisfy the formula? then what is the use of having such ratio?

Also I did what you asked me, and I set the value of
P1-44 =16
P1-45 =16

But even Thu in mach3 motor tuning i set the speed at 10000 mm/min, my speed has been reduced considerably to some thing like 1 rev/sec, which seems
not bad 1*60= 60 rev/min and 60*175=10500 mm   But please be reminded that I have a 10:1 GearBox so I think I need to Increase my speed 10 times more?

When I had :
P1-44 =480
P1-45 =16

My speed was much higher, I do not have the means to calculate (Or may be I have through the use of driver and/or the software, But I just do not know how to)
But i could say that my speed was to some thing like over 10 rev/sec, which is what i need.
Could you verify all these to me?

on the issue of checking my actual speed, do you know how can find out about from the software of the driver, (you can get the software form the net, or I could send it to you)



Hi Craig

Well your last reply was just over my head, and with my current state of concentration I do not think I can digest it any time soon.

But my setting currently for my servo are as follow, and I should say that I am getting a smooth run so far, but off course i have not install them completely yet;

P1-44       480
P1-45        16
P1-36          5     ms
P1-52         100
P2-08         36

Could you please verify all these for me
Finally pulse per unit in mach3 is set at  571 , "as you calculated before "


Hi Craig

On the issue of electronic gearing, today i was experimenting with my Servo, and with low value of P1-44 (Numerator Gear Ratio) set like 10 or 16, with value of P1-45(Denominator) set
at value of 10. I will get barely any movement, But as I increase the P1-44 to some thing like 160, I will get a good RPM out of the servo.
In conclusion it appears that by increasing the Numerator I can increase the RPM, but you said that they are not related. How could you explain this?

I should mention that I was using mach3 Motor tuning in order to increase the speed. but with low values of P1-44 no matter how much i increase the speed in mach3 I would not gain
Much RPM, I get some but very little. Basically with speed set to some value like 1000 rpm/min in mach3 has different meaning with Low P1-44 vs High values for p1-44


Hi Craig

I would like to thank you for your detailed replies, and explanations

I should mention that servo motors are new to me, and there are a lot that I need to learn.

All along i was imagining that one can control the speed (rpm) by modifying Electronic Gearing, apparently that is not the case, I tried to find some

Reading on this issue, but it is very hard to find good reading on it. if you have some good reading or clips, please let me know.

Apparently with my Servo motor, it's driver and pinion setup, I should make it easy for my self, and i do not need to Change or modify much.

I have movements, and Electronic gear is Ok as it is, off course I should mention that as you said the default value for

P1-44   16  Numerator
P1-45   10  denominator

Do I need to change this value to both (10, or 16) or should I leave it as it is?

Also is there any thing else that I need to change in order to get better performance out of my motor/


Hi Craig

Excellent job, your detailed explanation is awesome. thanks again.

Ok from your calculation is clear that if I want to have a speed of 12000 mm/min then the motor must have  around 685 rev/min, but do not you agree

That I will get better performance and more torque at speed around 3000 rev/min, therefore I should have a 4:1 electronic gear ration in order to force the motor

to run at higher speed of 4*685=2740 ?

also again I am quoting from your calculations that with   (685.7142 *10,000/60=114285.7142 pulse per second. or 114.2855kHz) ,

Then how about the mach3 kernel speed which is around 45 kHz, isn't this some what over mach3's  kernel speed?


Hi joeaverage

Many thanks for the reply, i have a 750 w delta servo motor, and delta adas b2 driver. as you said my driver has a 17 bit encoders for 160,000 counts per rev.
And my BOB is a Mach3 Motion Card (ESS- Ethernet Smooth Stepper----HM-LAN-4Axis)

The physical Top Speed that I require is a bout 12,000 mm/min or 3200 Rev/min.

I have done some math, Which off course I am not so sure of, and they are as Follow:

(No. tooth)=25  -----   (Pitch Dist. mm)   =7     linear Travel  175 mm

Encoder   160000
P1-44   5000 (Neominator)
P1-45   10     (denominator)

From the above If I have a 10:1 Gear Box Then with 3200 rev/min I will get a actual 320 rev/min and every revolution at 175 mm I will end up with 56,000 mm/mi

Therefore if I increase the value of p1-44 I can Lower the speed. by the way with above assumption the value for Steps per Unit in mach3 should be

about 4.57

Could you verify all that


Hi there

what is exactly the meaning of electronic gear ratio in Delta asda b2 Servo Driver?

and how to calculate it?


General Mach Discussion / issues with Machine stalls
« on: May 27, 2017, 01:55:04 PM »
Hi there
I have put together a MDF / Wood Cutting CNC Machine. But I have some problem with it, which is really bugging me for the last week or so.
Problem that I have is during a simple 2D Profiling Cut, After few Minutes my machine stalls on me, and as you know I keep missing some line of codes, and machine starts to cut Profile wronglyyyyy.        (Should Mention I am using ArtCam in order To generate G codes, and the Profiling I was doing Had a Total of 6mm depth, which I was trying to cut with 2 mm Step down Only.
I cannot figure out what is or are the cause of this problem. 
My machine is made of the followings:
•   Two  4.5 N.m (637 OZ-In) NEMA 34 Step Motor for my Y Axis. (To be Exact the  Leadshine Model No.  86HS45 Step Motor)
•   One Of The same Motor for X and another for Z Axis.
•   Y and X axis are rack and pinion with a 13 Pitch Pinion each @ 7 mm apart.
•   The drivers are also LeadShine M880A
•   My Board is the Typical Chinese made.  The so called 5 axis Board.
•   Spindle is a 3 Hp Single phase which I run it using a single to three Phase LS Inverter.
•   The Structure is a Light 4”*4” (10 cm * 10 cm) Square Tube
•   The Dimension of the Table is 2m*4m, So it is sort of Big but not so heavy since the thickness of Tube is only 2 or 3 mm.
•   The Controller is Mach3 Version R3.041

I wonder what could be the problem, and what is it that I can do in order to fix the problem.
Should I
1.   Increase the size and Power of my Motors? Or
2.   Increase  The Power of My Spindle or
3.   Is it an Electro Magnetic Noise From my Drivers or my Bob …, and if it is How can I fix it?
4.   Also about the spindles, What is more Powerful?  Running with my Highest RPM which is 18000 or running with lower RPM?
5.   Should I use some kind of Gear Box or pulley System? Which one is better or less expensive or most importantly requires Overall  less Design Change
Any Recommendation is highly appreciated.

Hi there

I need help on selecting the right micro step settings for my machine.
Any recommendation is highly appreciated.

I have two different Pinion gear for my steeper motor, which I place directly on my Stepper motor, and then on my rack. (I need to select the best option from these two pinion)
  a pinion with 13 pitch each at 7 mm  13*7 =91 mm
  a pinion with 22 pitch each at 7 mm  22*7 =154 mm
I also have a 4.5 N.M  (637 OZ-In) 2 Phase NEMA Steeper Motor ( LeadShine)
I also have a M880A (LeadShine) Driver

What would be the best Micro step Resolution Selection for me.

all I require is a smooth motion, with max speed of about 5000 mm/min, and off course the highest possible torque.


General Mach Discussion / steppers are acting strange
« on: May 03, 2017, 01:05:35 PM »
Hi there
 I have two steppers for my Y axis, and it was working almost Ok, I had only occasional stalls.
I decided to change my gear on the steppers, so I replaced the 13 pitch or tooth Gear(pinion), with a 22 Pitch or tooth.

I am using 1600 per revolution for my resolution, and 22 tooth * by the 7 mm .    22*7=154 mm, Then I divide the 1600/154= 10.38
 I entered this  value for the step per unit. I get almost no movement, I tried the value of 90, with a very low speed of about 2000 mm and acceleration of 50. I get my best result, and it moves much much faster than 2000 mm/min. and it stops after few seconds of me relaxing the up or down arrow.
I should mention that for few hours, I tried all different kind of scenarios, But with out any real success, I just could not figure out its behavior.

Does any one have any explanation or recommendation for me?

Could it be that I have a lose connected wire? How can I check for my wiring? needless to say That all my wires are in E chain.

What is the best way to find out the best speed and acceleration for my machine? Knowing that motor tuning is not working properly For me at the time.

Also whenever it stalls it spears that the motor is not sitting properly on the Rack, It looks kind of lose. But when it is moving it appears that it is Ok. Is this a Normal behavior?


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