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Tweakie,, found motor driver to be defective,, Ordered a new one today. And Will Bolt an aluminum plate inside my wooden control box to mount
motor drivers on to dissipate the heat better. Might have to mount a fan as well.
Will update when I get the Driver in.

cubs ???

Hi Tweakie!! Nice to be here. Nice Forum you guys have here.
This board is called:  NVUM_SKv1.1 Motion Controller.
I will try to attach a picture of the device.
I certainly appreciate you guys help.

This is a new build machine for Wood routing. Running Windows 7.
Samsung i7 with 8 gig of ram laptop using USB control board.
I've went through and set up the software settings and configs to the best of my knowledge. But it seems that isn't much.
Problem is X and Z axis are reversed,, but I can change that by swapping the wires on Breakout board.
When looking at the Jog Screen the X+ Y+ and Z+ are Green and not responding.
The X- Y- and Z- are Red and do jog the machine.
Thank you for your insight and expertise.   ???

cubs ;D

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