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I have searched everywhere and can't find an answer.
when I set a S18000 The Spindle Speed DRO indicates 18000 but the RPM DRO indicates 14000.  The spindle spins up to 14000 RPM on the VFD display.  The problem is Mach3 will not spin the spindle above or below 14000 RPM no matter what S value I enter. It i like it will only send one PWM value

The Spindle Pulley is set to Min 1500 Max 18000

Ports and Pins / Spindle Setup:  Motor Control Use Spindle Motor Output PWM is Checked.  PWM Base Freq = 50  Minimum PWM% = 0

Ports and Pins / Motor Outputs: Spindle - Step Pin# = 14 Dir Pin# = 0 Dir Low Active = X   Step Low Active = X ( I have checked the Step Low active and that had to effect)

Motor Tuning Steps Per = 300 Velocity = 60 Acceleration = 1  ( I have tried multiple settings here per various threads and forums.  Changes had no effect)

Plugin Controll Main Config: ESS-M#-160630-U4F1b  PWM Checked Base Hz = 50 (I was advised the G540 expects the Base Hz to be 50) 

Smooth Stepper ESS:
Gecko Drive G540:
Huanyang HY03D023B:
3Kw 18,000 RPM Air Cooled spindle

(All Wirsing has been confirmed to be correct.  Oscilloscope shows good square PWM signal output)

Everything else works great.  Mach3 Turns Motor on and off but will only get one speed.
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