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thank you sir, will try it later today after work. much appreciated

may I kindly ask anyone to write a simple code for a square that measures 50mm x 50mm at 2mm deep with a 6mm endmill, zeroed bottom left corner. may be worth seeing if its a coding error from Artcam when being created

I have ordered another driver and will slave it. will do the calibration over a longer distance and let you know if its any different. thanks for your help


im using the 5 axis breakout board and TB6600 DRIVES, TRYING TO ADD A PICTURE ON HERE TO SHOW YOU. may have to buy another driver and slave it to A as you say

Hi, have you had any luck yet BUG?
I am experiencing the same issue

I also don't know if my current settings are correct on my TB6600 driver
Im using these motors-2305HS280AW-265oz from ooznest

driver settings

it judders and doesn't stop until you press another axis button in jog.
my y axis has 2 motors connected to one driver but one motor in the opposite direction. do you think this may be an issue? does each motor need an independent driver?
if so how would I setup another driver on my control board?
I can get some photos tonight of the electronics and settings

hi thanks for you reply.
yes I only did that over 10mm.
I was using a Digital gauge to measure 10mm but like you say perhaps I need to do it over a further distance.
it is a wood router. and the tools im using are very accurate in dimensions as they are actually from a metal cnc machine.

I also have issues when I power the machine up, the y axis judders in one direction when no jogging is pressed, it stops when I jog the x axis. doesn't do this during a programme.

I don't know where im going wrong and I have spent a small fortune getting this machine built

Hi guys
I need help please, im going round in circles.

I have recently built a 1500 x 1000 v slot belt driven 3 axis machine.
I have used the setup function to set the steps and when I tell the axis to move 10mm it does, so I enter that value. it matches on the dro too.

now when I load code to run programme I want to machine a rectangle of 30mm x 10mm and when its machined it both dimensions are off by .5mm

what am I doing wrong?

I am using nema 23 stepper motors 1.8 and I am getting lost

any help would be fantastic

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