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SOLVED: Looks like loading a g-code is considered a reset. There is a setting in the CSMIO plugin, "Set Axes to "0" on RESET", just uncheck it and problem is solved.

CS-Lab / CSMIO-IP/S or CSMIO-IP/A for a servo controlled router
« on: February 23, 2017, 06:48:58 PM »
I am planning to rebuild an old MultiCAM router to servo control. Now I start to realize that servo control is more than servo control. At least I have decided I want to use Mach 4 and a controller from CSMIO. But which should I use; the analog IP/A or the step/dir controller IP/S? Has any of you experience with setting up one of these with servo drives and can give me some recommendations? What will the drawback of a step/dir servo system be?

Which is the most affordable option, step/dir or analog control? Should I choose AC or DC servo? These are just a few of my questions. But anything that can point me in a direction is welcome.

Using Mach4 version with CSMIO IP-M controller. CS-labs are releasing a new plugin in a few weeks, letting me use a newer version of Mach - so hopefully it will work then..

I am experiencing the same issue. Did you find a way to fix it?

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