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I want to connect software and control mach3 like this picture. Please make me clear a good idea for it. Thank so much !

General Mach Discussion / Help! How to write Macro for M11 and M10 in Mach3
« on: November 30, 2016, 07:00:19 AM »
I have used a CNC machine to perform spray painting
I use the M11 and M10.
But I have a problem with it, I use M11 and M10 to turn on and turn off the valve nozzle paint.
At points Start spray (sprayed on) and at the end (Spray off) have too much paint.
Now I want to turn on M11 after 1 second (or other values ​​can be changed) and turn off the M10 command before reaching the end point is 1 second (or other values ​​can be changed).

How to write code to install time macros for M11 and M10 command?
Here are Gcode I use for the machine.

m3 (wait material)
x40y10z-80 (starting point - point A)
x100y10 (When mach3 run this line will start running X and spray-M11p3 At X40 to X100 - point B)
x100y20 (When Mach3 running this line will stop spray-M10 P3, I want to stop spraying before 1sec before stopping at x100y10 X axis) (point A1)
x40y20 (point B1)
x100y30 (point A2)
x40y30 (point B2)

Mach3 can automatically calculate the length from point A to point B (A1-B1 ...)?
if so, I call C the X-axis travel time from A to B (C (second) = Length A-B / motor speed)
How can mach3 M11 and M10 auto calculate time C, macros can make the next line (A1-B1, A2-B2 ...)?

I need help using the M11 & M10

M11 will begin after Xaxis running 1s (time can be change)
M10 will begin before the X-axis runs to the end of the 1s-time can be change (if C = 10s time  M11 to M10 is enabled 10s - 1s -1S = 8s)
And repeat with the next command.
Sorry my english is not very good.

Please help me. Thank you.

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