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Mach4 General Discussion / Run macro from g-code program makes erratic move
« on: November 13, 2021, 09:34:46 AM »
Hi guys, i hope everyone is well. I try to run a macro with probe movement to reference my Z axis, when i run the program without the macro it goes as expected but when i add the macro inside after the sequence ends (the script works as suppose) then next movement will go with acceleration that in not suppose to be (it will do a erratic move and threw driver error).

This the test program i use (a simple rectangle with lead in/lead out)
Code: [Select]
(Filename: Test.nc)
(Date: 13/11/2021)
G21 (Units: Metric)
G17 G90 G80 G40
G00 Z10
X0.5800 Y80.0200
m108 (if i remove this line all runs great)
G00 Z5
G01 F254.0
G03 X2.5000 Y78.1000 I1.9200 J0.0000 F2200.0
G01 X77.5000
G02 X78.1000 Y77.5000 I0.0000 J-0.6000
G01 Y2.5000
G02 X77.5000 Y1.9000 I-0.6000 J0.0000
G01 X2.5000
G02 X1.9000 Y2.5000 I0.0000 J0.6000
G01 Y77.5000
G03 X-0.0200 Y79.4200 I-1.9200 J0.0000
G00 Z10

And this is the m script
Code: [Select]
function  m108()
local inst = mc.mcGetInstance('m108 script: ');

local probeCode = "G31"; --G code of the probe to use
local safeProbestart = -50;
local returnZ = 20;
local probeOffset = 0.1;
--define motors mapping
local zAxisNb = 2;
local ProbeSignal = mc.ISIG_PROBE
--Track original Z position
local orgZ = mc.mcAxisGetPos(inst,zAxisNb);

mc.mcCntlSetLastError(inst,"M108 – Processing Ohmic sensor touch!");

------------- Check Probe -------------
local hsig = mc.mcSignalGetHandle(inst, ProbeSignal)
local ProbeState = mc.mcSignalGetState(hsig)
if (ProbeState == 1) then
mc.mcCntlSetLastError(inst, "ERROR: Probe signal is ALREADY activated.")

--Ensure we are homed on Z axis
local zHomed = mc.mcAxisIsHomed(inst,zAxisNb);

if (zHomed == 0) then
mc.mcCntlSetLastError(inst,"Z axis is not homed");

--Move Z to safe start position
mc.mcCntlGcodeExecuteWait(inst, "G90 G53 G0 Z"..safeProbestart); -- Move to probing pos

mc.mcCntlGcodeExecuteWait(inst,"G91 "..probeCode.." Z-25 F200"); --Probe to a max of -40mm

mc.mcAxisSetPos(inst,2,probeOffset); -- Set Z to old tool probed Z

mc.mcCntlGcodeExecuteWait(inst,"G91 G0 Z"..returnZ); -- Move Z to org pos

 if (ProbeState == 1) then
wx.wxMessageBox("Probe is still activated!  Check to make sure probe is not damaged or still contacting strike plate.");
mc.mcCntlSetLastError(inst, "Z Axis now referenced.");


if (mc.mcInEditor() == 1) then

Has anyone had that kind of problem and know the solution?
Thanks a lot

PoKeys / Antidive feature "not working" with Pokeys57cnc and PlasmaSens
« on: September 17, 2021, 09:09:39 AM »
Hello everyone, i am searching why i can't use Anti dive feature but i am unlucky to find something useful.

When the XY velocity is zero i can change Anti dive state on/off but immediately after a movement at any speed the state goes off.

I try every setting in Adjust Rate and Anti dive rate but nothing, Mach4 has very low info on how plasma module works and don't know what may be the problem.

Does the plugin of pokeys disable antidive?

Thanks a lot

Mach4 General Discussion / Mach4 THC registers info?
« on: August 24, 2021, 09:52:00 AM »
Hello everybody, i search but not find more info than the usual of plasma configs.

Is anywhere more/better explained info about Mach4 thc registers?

The most are understandable by name but still if we had more info about how the module use each one would be better.
I am looking for more info about:

If anyone wonders why, i have a plasma divider that output 0-5V and i want to see if i can make any changes for my THC to work better or this is the best.

Thanks in advance

Hi, everyone. I search everywhere and i can't find answers.
Problem with mcTHC module:
When i call M5 (Torch off) in g-code not raise Z axis for the next location and every time changes from G90 to G91.
Is a module bug, can i update it somehow?

Only solution i can think about is to remove mcTHC function from M5 macro and write a custom one. This is the only solution?

Thanks in advance, Panos.

Mach4 General Discussion / Toolpath recognize C axis moves than A
« on: March 14, 2021, 06:38:25 PM »
Hello to everyone,
i have a lathe XZC axis and trying to find how to change the toolpath in Mach4 to recognize C moves than A. Is somewhere and i don't see it, or i can't do it?

Thanks in advance

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