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General Mach Discussion / Mach3 ESS and Endurance 10W Laser
« on: March 05, 2020, 01:37:08 AM »
Hi Guys,

My first post and hope someone can help.

I am attempting to connect my 10W laser to Mach3 and a Smoothstepper using the Endurance online instructions, however, i have a problem.

As the Smoothstepper connects directly (no parallel connection cable) onto my C62 BOB , there is no Port 1 Pin 17 (or any other pin) accessible as the Smoothstepper is connected to all Port 1 and Port 2 pins.

Does anyone know if there is a TTL / PWM connection on the Smoothstepper Port 3?

I can’t find any information on this? All information online keeps stating to connect the laser to Port 1 Pin 17 (or 14) but this is impossible for me. Any ideas how i can do it as your help will be much appreciated


General Mach Discussion / Xbox 360 Controller Micro Jog
« on: October 09, 2016, 06:49:10 PM »
Hi all, 

I have setup my Xbox 360 Controller on my CNC router as per the instruction in this video www.youtube.com/watch?v=-N0IANZcAFg and it works perfectly.

What i would like to do is program the micro jog which is also in this video but cannot figure out how to do it.

i have contacted the person in the video but have had no reply so hope someone else knows how to set it up and can let me know.

Kind Regards

General Mach Discussion / Mach3 Speed Setting Opposite
« on: September 22, 2016, 11:38:18 PM »
Hi all,

This is my first time so please be gentle with me.

i have a problem which for the life of me I cannot figure out.

I have setup my Huanyang VDF for external 0 - 10V input and Mach3 and ESS

I am getting the spindle to adjust speed through the 0 - 10V however (this is the problem) if i input M3 S1000, the spindle will go to 22000 RPM. If I input M3 S24000, the spindle will reduce to 1000rpm.

It is back to front and I just cant work out how to fix it.

Hope someone can advise.


Mach4 General Discussion / Mach4 with ESS with C62 CNC4PC BOB
« on: September 15, 2016, 02:23:34 AM »
Hi All,  my first time here so hope i am in the right place.
I have purchased an ESS and C62 CNC4PC BOB and trying to get if functioning through Mach4.
I have managed to get the ESS connected to my PC, however, it seems that the C62 BOB and the ESS are not talking to each other.
I have set all the Pins and Ports as described by the manufacturer but still cannot get them to talk.
The main problem is that I have an ESTOP switch connected to the the C62 but when pressed, it changes some lights on the BOB but does not show in Mach4.
Same with Mach4, if i press the "disable" button in Mach4, nothing shows on the BOB.
The ESS is setup correctly as the lights are doing what they are supposed to do, it just seems to be a problem with the C62.
I have discussed with Arturo at CNC4PC and he has given me some ideas to check, but again, no go.
I am hoping someone on the forum can suggest what the problem may be as i am at the end of my patience. I have spent more than 40 hours working on this and researching but to no avail.
The ESTOP is set to Port 2 Pin 10 as recommended by CNC4PC. The Active low is selected as told to do but when i select active low, the ESTOP message comes up and nothing i do will clear it unless i un-check Active Low.  it also causes Mach4 and Mach3 to crash.
i have tried on three different PC's and all have the same result.  i have tried with different Ethernet cables but no difference.
I really hope someone can help.
Thank you
Kind Regards

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