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Worked perfect Highspeed, thank you :-)

Mach 3 sir, i will try this later today, thank you for your reply

Geir Ove

Hi there, i found this forum and wow, this is a lot of information here. My name is Geir Ove, am new here, i am trying to help a friend to set up his CNC after a complete computer crash.

I have done the setup, and i can control the cnc x, y and z axes, but they are reversed, by that i mean, when using page up the cnc is going down, and the same for the arrows, my friend told me that it was not like that before the crash.

I have read a lot of docs, and been looking in the software for something that perhaps "invert" axes or something, but no luck.

Is there anyone that can please point me in a direction? Tank you 

Nice forum. Geir Ove

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