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General Mach Discussion / New cnc machine running but....
« on: November 09, 2016, 06:18:25 AM »
HEY!  Having a problem tuning my new diy woodworking cnc. I am making a clock just to test out the machine i have made the clock my previous machine so i know what it should look like.

When the machine goes around the outside of the clock to cut it out and make other circular shapes the x motors do a large clunk when the drop down to 0 rpm and then turn the other direction.

I am using:

Mach 3
chinese tb6560
nema 23 steppers
board set at 1/8 chip setting
sorry i am still learning all of the cnc stuff

Here i have a link to describe the problem also my mach settings are at the end of the video.


Thanks for any help/advice!


General Mach Discussion / Need Help to Figure out PLASMA CNC
« on: October 15, 2016, 03:38:12 AM »
Hello I Am thinking of building a low budget plasma cnc for my garage. I have already built a nice wood cnc but i have a left over stepper motor and a left over 3 axis driver board.

I also own a old plasma cutter so I have the most expensive things.

What i am trying to figure out is how i could operate the plasma on and off switch on the handle with the board i have.

Plasma cutter: Thermal Arc Pak 5XR

3 axis driver board: TB6560

Computer: Windows XP Running Mach 3

I have also attached a link to show everything and a peak at my wood cnc.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZT9waSaieQY

The information on my tb6560 was on a eBay website that is apparently not existent anymore.

I Am pretty NOOB at this stuff especially the electronics part so if someone could help me figure this part out i think id be good to start building 8)

 ??? :)

it was actually the other way . it was 400 steps per mm. Thanks so much for your help!

Thanks for your quick replies i think im on to something . I have a video here to show you what i actually get when i move the z axis down 10 mm on the DRO


Thanks again for your help it looks though as if im only seeing close to 5 mm when i move it 10 on DRO any ideas?

I have entered the setting at 200steps per mm , if i get my calipers and move the z axis down 10 mm on mach3 display should that be 10mm of travel on the leadscrew ?

Where did you get the 1600 im curious

Trying to figure out my steps per mm Using the Rep Rap Calculator

Here is the link to the NEMA 23 Steppers that i bought as a kit with the cnc controller.


Here is the link to the leadscrew i have selected


From the above sites i was able to determine my:

Motor Step Angle 1.8
Leadscrew Pitch 2mm

I have the dip switches on my cnc board set to be at 1/8 micro step.

The part that i think im messing up is the pitch preset where i am only guessing that is m8 1.25 mm per rotation.

With the above information i get 800 steps per mm which seems absurd
PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME if i roatate the rod 1 full revolution it travels 8.1mm

Am i just messing up the calculation???

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