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Hi, here my settings:
and link to video of moving x axis

I read that but no matter what I do the speed is low.
I think I'll make another profile but with settings for speed. When I need to move fast I'll use that profile... :( ???

I think I'll create another profile with "fast speed"settings and when I need to move fast I'll use it...

When I cut using gcode and F200 in gcode is moving fast but when I move manually the speed is very low....

Ok, but where to setup rapids speed , I tried alot...

I press tab and new window pop up and here I change the value but the speed is the same.
I don't want to use goto some coords, I just want to move fast to some location manually.
Is there a way just with arrows or from jog window?

I have some parts to cut from styrofoam and after that is done i want to move hot wire to origin manually (arrow keys)but the speed is very slow.
How can I increase speed? I look everywhere but with no luck. I don't want to change settings in motor tunning because after that I lose calibration .
Please help .

General Mach Discussion / How to slave motors 2 by 2
« on: June 25, 2016, 02:42:09 PM »
I look for a way to slave A to Y and z to X to move sincroneus 2 by 2 motors.I want that to cut styrofoam profiles.
I managed to slave A to Y and X to Z but I want Z to X (when I press X on mach 3 moving direction both motors must move).
Thank you

Ps I have TB6560 driver for 4 motors

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