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don't know if any of this will help but then again it may...

I appreciate the post!!

I note that you have set the pulse rate to 75khz. You need a REALLY CLEAN LEAN PC to achieve that sort
of speed and unless there is a good reason to have such a high rate it won't make Mach run better but
worse. Another tip is that Mach resets its kernel speed at start up, ie change the speed, shut down Mach
and restart to see the change.

That was just me trying "all the options". I did get the "restart app to take effect" messge, so I did try restarting the app a few times. I'll try to keep it at the low Mhz setting for now. I dont think we have a "need" to make the kernel speed high.

Have you run the Driver test. It is not an absolute test that the PP is producing pulses but is better than naught.
What sort of report does it give?.

I did not try the Driver Test. Not sure how to do that. I can try to google it if you dont have a link...

Another issue which has caught a few over the years (no, not me I bloody swear!!!) is the charge pump. The charge
pump is on the BOB and it monitors the PP. If the PP stops producing pulses for any length of time it shuts itself
down. A sort of failsafe,'if no one is driving this bus then I'm going to stop'. I don't know whether your BOB has a
charge pump and whether it can be disabled, I don't bother with one but others do. The output from the PP
can be assigned (port and pin) on the outputs page of the port and pins page under config tab.

Really am new to this part of the project as well. I can check the config tab, if I can find it.

I don't see on the pic of the BOB whether it has LED's on the outputs. They are invaluable for diagnosing setup
problems. In absence of an LED you will have to use a multimeter to test each motor output. Go to the direction
output of an axis, x say. On the manual input screen of Mach issue a G1 x1 command. The direction output
will read high or low depending on your set up. Then issue a G1 x-1 command. The output should change state.
You can and probably will have to repeat this for for all direction outputs. Temporarily you can reassign step output
as a direction and use the same method to check the functionality of each of your motor outputs.

I was able to see one lil blue light but never did try to watch the lights as a "print" was happening. Good thought!

On the Mach diagnostics page you should be able to 'see' the operation of each of your limit switches. With the switch
closed the diagnostic LED might be lit (depending on assignment) and not lit when open.

These steps will allow you to establish whether Mach has control of the PP and that the BOB is capable of transmitting
the pulses. If all is well you are a lot closer to running motors.

Let us know how you make out.


I wasn't aware of the Diag page. I guess I need to study up on that too.

The whole setup is in a unique setup. No internet. I'm hoping to fix the no internet issue this weekend.

I'll post an update when I take a look at these couple things. Thanks Craig!

Hi all!

I'm a newbie at the CNC world but a tenured IT professional. I'm trying to help a bud with his CNC/Computer problem.

He is using Mach3 on a Dell PC, XP, MDFly CV2501 CNC breakout board and a JCUT-1325B-2 CNC Table.

At one point the table did work (estimated 1 hr?). However since then the PC has been turned off for a few months, process has been forgotten and here is where I walk in.

So now I'm trying to troubleshoot the thing and it seems to have connectivity issues between the App and the table. The LPT Port is plugged up. If you adjust settings in the LPT Device Properties the table will make a grunt sound. From what I am reading, the I/O Range number needs to be in Port 1 (0x378) which I have done (and I have played with the 0x778) and I have played with the "kernel speeds" and we just can't seem to make it 'Jog' (with the Tab Button)

I have what seems to be the standard configuration options enabled.

Thoughts on what I'm not doing correct or should try next??

Thanks for your time,


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