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General Mach Discussion / 30days Trial LOCK
« on: May 25, 2016, 04:25:01 AM »

As I 've said before at my introduction post, I work at a company that builds CNC machines for marble.
We search of a way to lock the software (or generally the machine) from working, something like a "30days trial lock" for customers that haven't fullfilled their liabilities of the purchase  :-\ of the machine for example.
At our larger machines that we use Heidenhain controllers, we have this kind of option.
Feel free to suggest anything...


Hello world!

I 'm a new user to the Mach3 forum. I work at a Greek company that builds marble CNC machines, along with other marble machines. You can find infos for the company here http://marblemachines.gr/
We have already made some machines with Mach3 controller and we are happy to use the Mach3 software. Some questions arise from time to time about the software, that's why I need some guidlines from the forum.


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