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Hi Kris.

Yes I will sell the hardware with plugins, and the price will be very cheaply, that can help a lot of people to do Machines and it does tie deficient physical. 
I have hardware for everything that you need BREAK-OUT, TECLADO EMULADOR, DRIVE OF MOTOR (STEP MOTOR) (SERVO DC) (SERVO BLDC) and THC 
I am here with priority to finish a Plugin to program my drives for the MACH3, it will be the first to be programmed direct for the mach and with status in real time. 

This is next priority.
I thank his interest, of my insomnia nights it was not in vain.

Best Regards,

Hi Kris,
Yes, the hardware this ready one only lack to finish the plugin for mach3. 
6 axes to capture in real time. 
Can digitizes the positions or to move her Machine as in real time.

Great hug

Competitions / Re: ******Guess and win a G100 Grex******
« on: May 22, 2007, 09:10:22 AM »

Hi hillcraft, 
The I am filed solemnity installs in Mach3 2.009 
1. Download of the file, save in a paste of his preference 
2. Double click in the file JR-JoyStick.m3p 
3. Connect the joystick in his PC 
4. Open Mach3 
5. Follow them pass below 
OBS: It cannot be active the original plugin of the mach3, at the same time that JR-JoyStick

Hi for all

Finished Plugins for Download / Re: New Plugin
« on: September 05, 2006, 01:28:32 PM »
HI francopuk

For the time being only I have the ready version for two axes,     
I am working in other version That solemnity detects the amount of axes of the joystick and it enables the configuration.   
In Some days it should be ready!


Hi Fernando/Dave   
Excuse the delay in the answer, I had out last week!   
Yes I am working in the plugin. I think inside + - in 2 weeks it should be ready.     
Today I received definitive Card of the interface.     
I still don't have the videos that I am producing an an arm of 6 axes.     
I made the initial tests with the encoders in a direct machine in the motors to simulate

Verry Best Regards

HI Fernando   
I forgot to comment on this hardware that I developed is not specify for his cyborg is for a scanner 3D of low cost!   
I only hitchhiked of the idea of the arm, and I thought further on. 
Now vein such a simple idea for his  cyborg that you won't spend more than U$5 for axis hauls of the price of the encoder and of the motors, Excuse but I only woke up now for this detail! 
Tomorrow I send the solution.

Best Regards

Hi Fernando, 
With this his idea Works!   
But with together Mach you could put any motor type! 
I did exactly as the drawing, My Hardware captures the position and speed and command the mach to move.


HI Fernando   
I Already developed the Hardware reading of his ROBOT'S Encoder, I ordered to do PCI today.   

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