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thanks i will try, as i said i am a newbie to forums a little lost in all of this

Here is the document with the settings i am using. Please help me out on being able to ref all home

how to up load a word document to show my setting so you can all see what i did wrong

Hello i am a newbie to all of this. even forum. i am having trouble programming my mach3. i have purchased a license.
My difficulties are with the home limit switches it seems. i am trying to do a reff home to set the DRO to the home switches.
evything else seems to work
but when i ask to ref all home the z goes up as it should but does not stop i have to press resset button but when i jog to the top the home switch ( limit switch also) click and stops i have to press reset to jog away. so its working but it wont ref all

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