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 i redid a profile
it seems to work a bit better but still having probleme with x home
the picture in the machine window seem to be up side down
They seem to p^rint mirrow

That is the version i am using right know. some one esle had suggested me that. With that version i can at least ref my x and y but the z not yet.
i tried yesterday to check programing did the set set up again distance travelled. when i shut it down it ask me to save fixtures i said yes. today i will try to ref all to.
My question  today is about the distant traveling back.
the z should you place  -2 in the home off since its travelling away

You Where saying   
 that 066 si in bas shape si what version should  i download

No It  Was  just stopping ând not  pulling  back .


General Mach Discussion / Re: having ref all
« on: March 27, 2016, 12:07:54 PM »
yesterday was bale to ref all exept the z would not pull back and did the roadrunner file with a felt n
marker drew it perfectly, closed and save d settings àtoday tried it could not do nothng à
i could not drw the roadrummer

why could i not ref all home then. with the other version that i installed today i can ref x and y not the z i will send the correct xml

Well i was able to go further. i did uninstal the .o63 version and install the .062 version and had better luck.
 i was able to ref the x and y but the z is giving me problemes. i ref them and then when i close the program it doesnt not save there is a message that comes up that ask me a question firmaware changes save yes or no either or they still dont save any insite on what i am doing wrong
I have include my xml files

i was not shure witch one xml

I have included o pdf file with all the settings i placed in the mach3.
motors are running smooth. did the test etc
home switch are programed shared with limit switch for homing they work in diagnostic also work when trigered
but i am trying to ref all
when i click ref all home the z starts to go up but i have to press resset because it wont stop

where do i find general section to  have a new  topic

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