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General Mach Discussion / purchased Mach3 software on ebay
« on: March 22, 2016, 11:53:27 AM »
I purchased Mach 3 software on ebay it was advertised as a licensed copy, but i just now viewed the about page and it says it is a demo version.  Did i get screwed or can i get a license through Art-soft?

My name is LeRoy and I am retired and living in Minnesota.  I graduated HS in 63 spent 4 1/2 years in USAF as jet engine mechanic, work for CNW railroad for about 25 years as a clerk until they downsized me.  Went back to school for two years for machine automation and worked for about 10 years building automated machines for the semiconductor industry.  Retired in 07 and started a part time business making custom picture frames that i sell on etsy.com.  I have wanted to build and cnc router for about 20 years and now that's what i am doing.

I am building a cnc sidewinder that i got from you tube.  I was doing pretty good until today when i ran into a problem.  I can jog all 3 axis fine in the jog mode but when i enter g-code or go to run a g-code program the motors just sit there and growl.  I have tried re tuning the motors and rebooting.  I need help.

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