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That has resolved this issue, actually the A axis was there which is a bit strange as the system was working before with this set of files and configuration. Anyway, the system is back and working fine again. THANKS.

I would like to update my plasma system to the new SW/FW, ArcPro-Integra-Rev1.17 and Mach4-4092_Integra_Plugin_2.03.07. Do you have a document to guide a dummy as me within the changes that need to be done, so I do not run into the same issues.

One thing that I´ve questioned below is that with the Rev1.17 the system does not respond to a M05 command, is this possible?

BR, Joao

So current I´m with the latest Mach4 SW release installed with an Hicon board 7766 running HiCON Plugin: 2.01.38, Board: 7766, Serial: 8BBC98, FW: 3.40, FPGA: 7E7B.
I had to reverse all back SW and FW to where I was. Everything is working again except the Go to Zero. When I click it, it gives me the message "" Axis 3 commanded while disabled""
Is this because of the new SW of the MACH4? It was the only thing that I haven´t downgrade.  Any way, I hope you can help me figure this out.

Regarding the NEW Hicon SW/FW, ArcPro-Integra-Rev1.17 and Mach4-4092_Integra_Plugin_2.03.07. It just didn't work. Started with the issue above where the reference of all axes was not working, (MY MISTAKE, did not copy the M4HiCON. m4pw and .sig to the plugins folder.) Even after correcting this I was barred with other issues like:
* Go to Zero - does nothing.
* I've loaded a job, started the cut, the system executes the 1st G31 command (Torch hight position) M03 (plasma ON) does the cut but after at the end when it should switch off the plasma, go to a higher position and move the the next job, starting the all process again it doesn't, it ignores all the next commands

N0580 M05
N0590 G04 P2
N0600 G00 Z20.0000
N0610 X1385.6518 Y2345.4599
N0620 Z11.0000
N0630 G31 Z -100 F1200.0
N0640 G92 Z0.0
N0650 G00 Z0.0000
N0660 G92 Z0.0
N0670 G00 Z11.0000
N0680 M03

continuing with the cut, moving all around with the plasma on.

What am I missing here, what am I doing wrongly?

HiCON Motion Controller / Hicon 7766 Reference All Axes (Home) Issue
« on: April 22, 2019, 10:05:35 AM »

After upgrading my system to the new SW/FW  - Integra256FW-3.99 / IntegraFPGA_7E7E with the profile ArcPro-Integra_v1.17 and respective screen set,  the system does not perform the Reference All Axes (Home) giving the message in the History tab - ""ERROR Starting Homing for Motor3. No response. Homing Complete for All Axis. Sync on Home Complete."". Motor 3 is my Z Axis.
I got as well a LUA error as you can see in the attached file.
All configuration seams to be OK, set up of motors, mapping etc. All Axis run manually without issues.

Can you please help.

Thanks, JLS

HiCON Motion Controller / Re: Mach4 + Hicom7766 + Proma THC 150
« on: November 01, 2016, 11:17:46 AM »
Hello Marc,

So, with this test there is no movement needed in axis X nor Y as stated before. I did it as described in the manual and is worked fine, Z axis was responding correctly to the THC commands.

After being sure that there was no HW issues I continued testing this time with real cuts and  when THC was sending the impulse to go UP the Z axis moved to the maximum of the THC max ( the same with the THC min)

Reduce the THC speed to a drastic value of 5, SURPRISE, WOW, everything started to work as it should. So simple, so easy.

Probably you could revise the rang of the THC speed (0-300) or not, at least a note in your manual.

After this your manual looks much better that before  :D

THANKS for your support.


Br, Joao

HiCON Motion Controller / Re: Mach4 + Hicom7766 + Proma THC 150
« on: October 31, 2016, 11:25:36 AM »
Checked, re-checked and checked again, wiring, configuration, etc. Still the same.

One question:
The THC have a testing mode. When I do that, shouldn´t the Z axis go up and down accordingly? During the test the THC alternately switch ON and OFF the THC UP and THC DOWN. This information can be seen in the THC itself, in the Hicom7766 and the mach4 display.

Thx, Joao

HiCON Motion Controller / Re: Mach4 + Hicom7766 + Proma THC 150
« on: October 19, 2016, 02:16:23 PM »
Hi Marc,

Z axis works fine as it does correctly all the plasma cut sequence as is in your manual.

Yes, The PC has internet connection, let me know when is a good time for you.

Thx, Joao

HiCON Motion Controller / Re: Mach4 + Hicom7766 + Proma THC 150
« on: October 18, 2016, 06:11:52 PM »
After SW and FW update, things got better, was able to get tings going that were not working before. Thanks.
But.... THC still out of the game.

System do initiate and do all the cutting job, with the THC UP light always on. Did a few testing with a 10k load and light jumps between THC UP and Down but the Zaxis doesn't move at all.

BTW, using the THC150 from Proma

Any Idea?

BR, Joao

G-Code, CAD, and CAM discussions / Re: What is the best Gcode writer?
« on: October 17, 2016, 07:08:33 AM »
Does the fusion 360  writes gcode for mach4?

G-Code, CAD, and CAM discussions / What is the best Gcode writer?
« on: October 17, 2016, 05:04:01 AM »
Hi All,

I´ve buid a CNC plasma table with a Hicon Integra controller 7766 using MACH4 and Proma THC. So far I´ve used the demo version of the sheetcam to play arround with it (good but not perfect).
Question is: Is there a better SW fully compatible with the MACH4, this controller and the Proma THC?


HiCON Motion Controller / Mach4 + Hicom7766 + Proma THC 150
« on: May 06, 2016, 09:48:06 AM »
Hi All,

My system does not work with the THC.
I´m using Mach 4 with hicom 7766 with proma thc 150. All the connections are done accordingly the manufacturers.

In the THC the 'THC up' and 'ARC OK' are always ON as soon I switch ON the plasma unit due to the output voltage of my plasma which is 27Vdc at the torch connections and 0.4 Vdc in the 50:1 divider when in standby mode.

Is this voltage normal or it should be 0Vdc?

Thanks, Joao

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