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FAQs / Re: Setting Mach 3 Port to PCI parallel port address
« on: February 28, 2016, 07:23:52 PM »
also yes the port is enabled

FAQs / Re: Setting Mach 3 Port to PCI parallel port address
« on: February 28, 2016, 07:20:48 PM »
Hey guy's I have a PCI LPT card problem of my own to.
Somehow two inputs 11 and 13 stopped working on my MACH 3 machine. So I thought I would insert a PCI LPT card in to the computer and change the configuration of the Port in Mach3 and that it would solve my problem. Well partly it did all my inputs are now working, but unfortunatley the outputs that drive the motors don't work. When I try to move the an axis nothing happens. The DRO number increse and decreas.

This is the LPT confugiraton of the new LPT card.
I/O range BC00-BC07
I/O range B880-B887
Mem range: FEAFF000 - FEAFFFFFF

Any ideas? Not the correct driver for the PCI card perhaps?

Best regards

The most common problem is that some PCI cards output the (later) 3.3volt TTL signals as opposed to the (older) 5volt TTL signals and some controller's opto isolators require the full 5volts.
Use a voltmeter and check the voltage on one of your direction signals and see what you get (app. 0v/5v or 0v/3.3v ??)


I'm so frustrated. vWith this port issue.  I have a XP machine I got off of ebay that had no on board Parallel port so I got a 5v pp210 dual Parallel PCI card.
I have tried all the addresses listed and the 6040 machine will not move. The DRO does but the machine does not.   I just also got the cnc machine new.  After this I researched that the motherboard is a Thunder k8we s2895  There is no other ports being used. The card is plugged into PCI-X 100 MHz (Slot4)  I cannot find a way to make the port EPP.  Bios is not there because its not on board.  O believe that the pcix slot is only outputing 3.3 volts.  Because it usually does.   I also have an issue knowing which address to use.   All drivers working find\s and I have 4 ports showing on device manager.

communications port (com1)  I/O/ range 03F8 - 03FF
IRQ   04

PCI ECP parallel port (LP2)   I\O 2018-2015      I/O  2017-2010
memory range D8103000 - D8103FFF
memory range D8102000 - D8102FFF

PCI ECP parallel port (LP3)  I\O 2008-200F     I\O  2000-2007
memory range D8101000 - D8101FFF
memory range D8100000 - D8100FFF
IRQ   28

printer port (com & LPT)
I\O range 0378-037F

Before you think 0x0378, remember this is a card not on board.
When I look at LPT1 it is set on printer port if that matters. 
Im completely lost.  I dont know what to do at this point.  Am I screwed because of the motherboards 3.3 volts?

The motors tighten up when I turn the controller on.

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