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~Fellow Community Members,

I could use a hand from anyone who has successfully wired a C11 Board to a Sunfar e300 VCD Inverter

Specifically I have this one


and it's controlling


I have successfully wired the spindle to the VCD, I know this because when I put it into "Control by Keypad" mode it works perfectly.

However, I have not been able to wire the C11 to the VCD correctly.  I can get the Spindle to engage via the board, but no speed or direction control.

If anyone has successfully wired this I would LOVE to get either a diagram or a picture of how you did it, (or merely a conversation would be a great assist ?)

Also I'm not positive I've got my Mach3 setup to send the right outputs.

What I am trying to achieve is get speed and direction control.

Thanks very much in advance.  

David Hunt


General Mach Discussion / Re: Need Help -- Motors not responding.
« on: February 12, 2016, 11:21:32 AM »

THat helped a GREAT deal.

This might help:  http://www.machsupport.com/forum/index.php/topic,14910.0.html  ( I changed my port to 0ac00 from 0xac0 ) and I got all my motors spinning!  Thanks so much

General Mach Discussion / Need Help -- Motors not responding.
« on: February 12, 2016, 08:57:47 AM »
I need help.

I can’t get my motors moving — they are locked.

I suspect that mach3 is not talking to my board at all.

I recently purchased this setup.


I’ve created my own enclosure, I hooked it up to a C11 Board


The wiring diagram I followed is here:


I triple checked all the connections and they seem good.  The LEDS on the Hybrid Servo motors are lighting green.  They are looked and I can’t move them powered.

The c11 board seems to be lighting up as expected the individual LEDS to the pins are lighting up as I would expect them to, power LEDS are lighting up as is “output” LED.

My ESTOP signal switch works from the SWITCH to the BOARD — but doesn’t seem to be sending a signal from the BOARD to Mach 3.

I am running Windows XP, SP3.

I installed a PCI Serial Port.

The Serial Port is being recognized my Windows XP as LPT 1 and is using
I/O Range: AC00-AC07
I/O Range A800-A807

I installed Mach 3 (it’s currently in demo mode).
I setup up Port 1 in Mach 3 = 0xac0

X AXIS on Port 1 Step Pin # 8 (Step High Active) and Direction Pin # 9 (Dir High Active)
Y AXIS on Port 1 Step Pin # 6 (Step High Active) and Direction Pin # 7 (Dir High Active)
Z AXIS on Port 1 Step Pin # 4 (Step High Active) and Direction Pin # 5 (Dir High Active)
A AXIS on Port 1 Step Pin # 2 (Step High Active) and Direction Pin # 3 (Dir High Active)

ESTOP on Port 1 - Pin 15 (active high)

Output 1 on Port 1 - Pin 1 (active high)
Output 2 on Port 1 - Pin 16 (active high)

Any help would be appreciated including paid phone help.

David Hunt

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