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General Mach Discussion / Mach3, LazyCam, Corel X5. Help please?
« on: November 05, 2015, 11:00:26 PM »
Hi. New guy here.
Apologies for the long story...
I have a CNC 3040 I recently found on Amazon. I've succeeded in getting it to "work" using an older, 32 bit computer with Windows XP. By "work", I mean I can get the machine to move using the arrow and Pg Up and Pg Down keys. Hallelujah. Pass the biscuits.
I'm using Corel X5 to try to create a file I can load into Mach3 or LazyCam. What I'm trying to do is open a file in LazyCam (Version 1, 2005, because that's the version that came with the machine) using the "CAD Files" button.
So far, I've had no success with DXF.
I'm close (I think) with PLT. All I see on the screen, however, is a rectangle, but, the menu on the right, when I click different places in the rectangle, indicates there are chains there... but I can't see them.
I also can't find anywhere in LC how to "Post" the file to Mach3 as G Code.
I'm about ready for a silicone campfire. ANY and all advice will be much appreciated. I've been searching for weeks to find instructional videos with little success.
Frankie The Frustrated Kid

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