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I have the exact same problem you had/have. When I uncheck pins 2-9 and hit apply then recheck pins 2-9 and hit apply.... my 2nd PP then works fine.  ITS CRAZY!!!

What was the answer or solution to this problem?

does anyone else have anything to say about this?
I too have struggled with getting a second printer port to work correctly.  I have an older SIIG with a NetMos 9835 chip and a newer card with the MosChip 9865.

I've updated the drivers and tried all sorts of stuff to get them working, but they still don't work right.

The one thing I have found that works for either card is as follows:

1.   Open the Ports and Pins Screen & set everything up in Mach (make sure both ports are enabled and the second port has the 2-9 inputs check-box selected.
2.   Close the Ports and Pins Screen.
3.   Re-Open the Ports and Pins Screen, deselect the 2-9 inputs check-box, click apply, reselect the 2-9 inputs, and click apply.
4.   Close the Ports and Pins Screen and everything works.

Each time I start Mach, I have to go through this process to get the second port to work.  When I first start Mach, the pins on the diagnostic screen are all lit up.  After going into Ports and Pins & toggling the 2-9 input check-box, the pins go out and everything works.

I know it sounds strange, but it works every time.  Could there be something strange going on with Mach?



Thank you very much for helping me with my problem. It looks like the only thing wrong was Demo mode!!!!  I feel like such an idiot. I completely forgot about the license file when changing between versions of Mach3.

I am currently running:  3.043.066  and I am using all 4 macros(M1076, M1077, M1078, M1176) that you include with the G76 Thread Helper download.

so far, with only a few thread programs, it works REALLY well.  I don't see any problems yet.  all there is left to do is dial it in and see how good of a thread it makes.

Thanks again.


I was using .066 verison, but I saw in a lot of thread's that an older version for threading works.... so I installed .057.

I never thought about putting the license file back into the installed directory.  youre right, it does say demo at the top of the screen "Mach3 CNC Demo"    I never noticed that.

I will reinstall .066 and then redo the license and xml and everything and try again.

I feel like an idiot, but I guess we all make mistakes once in a while.

thanks.   ill post back what happens.

one more

more pics

#&*$%*$#&%$*#@*@!!!!!!!!!    I just spent time to write up a post and then its all lost from uploading too large files.  so all text is lost!  bummer!!!!

brief description of pics:
1st machine position before cycle start
2nd screen before cycle start
3rd machine position after moving
4th screen after moving has stopped. notice the graphics, the green live is what the machine does. it moves a little then a little jog in and over and then stop.   that's it.
5th the program

any ideas what I should do?

ok, got it.  the material size has already been taken care of before threading.  so ill just take the G76 line and try it again.

thanks  :)


When I try the G76 thread helper, I get the following:
G77 r XX x0.6175 k0.0 z XX
G76 p0.0909 r0.6175 x0.4828 h0.0426 i29.5 k0.3525 z-0.5 l360 q0

in MachTurn I use the macros that come with the G76 thread helper when you download and Mach gives me an error at the G77 line.  Does anyone know whats wrong?

VB and the development of wizards / Re: Macro Help
« on: December 23, 2015, 05:37:32 PM »
Well, took the turret apart and found a screw was the problem, it was mechanically binding the rotating part of the turret. once I removed the screw everything went back to working.

Thank you for your help.  the macro program is working beautifully!!!   :)

the while loop is working good too.  I added msgbox(Lcnt1), and it would show me the count.  which was 173,000 or something close to that.  so I raised the count to 250,000 before the message would appear and its working fine.

VB and the development of wizards / Re: Macro Help
« on: December 22, 2015, 05:07:33 PM »
Now im having trouble with my turret motor controller.   can seem to make the motor work.

going to take motor out and see if theres a mechanical problem.

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