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HiCON Motion Controller / M Code "Handshake" – Need Help
« on: October 05, 2015, 03:42:12 PM »
I need help getting an Mcode set up, it would function something like this:

   function m100()
   Check INPUT1
   IF Active (LaserReady) THEN
                   Activate OUTPUT1 (FireLaser, Note: Signal must be active for at least 50msec.)
         Wait for INPUT1 to go Inactive
         Deactivate OUTPUT1
                   Wait for INPUT1 to return to Active
                   Return to Gcode
                   Display Error 'Laser Not Ready'

As you can probably see I only need to check the INPUT1 the first time M100 is called in the Gcode. I’m not sure how to write this and was hoping someone could help.

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