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General Mach Discussion / DDSM3_V5.0 (USB controller)
« on: October 02, 2015, 12:49:01 PM »
My Controller is DDSM3_V5.0 (USB controller).

When I'm using: No Device or Normal printer port operation, Mach3 works perfect.
When I'm using: DDREAM_D-DDREAM-Plugln-Ver-2-0a ( the USB driver)
     1.   I cannot jog with keyboard and even with mouse (after I open jog panel with TAB key)
     2.   When I run G-code nothing happen.

I tried it on win7 computer and different win8 computer
I re-installed mach3, I uninstalled driver and installed again, I disabled the network adapter.
Still no results.
It worked great till 3 days ago.

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