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I have checked the settings and they are configured to home sensor and I have also done the debounce. I have noticed that it does travel down off the sensor some but not enough causing the sensor to flash in the diagnostic page. is there away to increase the amount of travel of the sensor in the homing sequence?

Hi Marc I ja e figured out the limits but in my homing the X and Y axis will hit the switch and back off the Z axis on the other hand will hit the switch and stop it will not back off and clear the switch could you help me with that

I am having an isue setting up me X,Y,Z limit switches in the mach3 softwear. im not 100% sure on which input in the software it would be but i do know from the documintation from integra the port is 11 and the pins are 0-3. can anyone please explain this for me. also I am having questions on what is the properway to do the spindal control.

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