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My first attempt at boring with Mach3.

OD and ID profiles programmed with HSMWorks.  HSMWorks cannot handle boring on the far side of the centreline, so I had to post code for the near side of the centreline, then use NotePad to do a global search and replace for all values of "X" with "X-"

Worked a treat.

Material is PVC.  End product is an Ultrasonic transducer housing.


*****VIDEOS***** / Cutting Steel Dovetails with Mach3
« on: July 03, 2014, 01:03:16 AM »
Some Generic QCTP Steel Toolholder Dovetails being cut with Mach3.




*****VIDEOS***** / Mach3 Turn CSS Mythbuster
« on: October 09, 2013, 06:15:18 PM »
I thought I’d share my experience with Mach3 Turn using Constant Surface Speed (CSS). 

Attached is a short dissertation that could be used to bridge the missing information in the Mach3 Turn Manual.

I cover the use of G96 (CSS On) and G97 (Cancel CSS and return to RPM mode), as well as some tips on using G52 Offsets for gang tooling equipped CNC lathes.

Below is a video clearly demonstrating that CSS works well with Mach3 Turn, if you follow the rules outlined in my attachment.
The video also shows how I use Alodine 1200S to chromate convert aluminium parts.  Please note that Alodine 1200S is not ROHS compliant as it is a hexavalent chrome.  However, if you do not drink the stuff you will be OK.



Chris Humphris


The most complex part I have milled to date. 

A model train enthusiast approached me with his Autocad Sketch of a 1/16 Scale model of a Queensland Rail Steam Locomotive Type BB 18¼ . (The pistons were 18¼” Diameter).  As I understand it, this loco was the last steam loco produced for Queensland Rail before the era of diesel locos. A couple of YouTube videos here:



I had to create a 3D model of his drawings so I could program the part using HSMXpress. All 4 sides had to be machined with many processes.  I ended up creating 4 datums, one for each side so I could use the same reference point the LH side of the fixed jaw on my milling vice as I rotated the material.

I proved out my programming with a first off in Aluminium before switching to the final brass material.

The attached pics show the Solidworks 3D Model, then a couple of views of the completed chassis as it came off my X3 Mill.

I miss the age of steam!!  Enjoy


Below are links to a couple of videos of more parts made using Mach3 controlled CNC Lathe and Mill.

I am learning new techniques all the time and would like to share them with other users.





Hi All,

I thought I show you how I make part of a Semirigid Coaxial Cable Bender.  The bender is used to bend RG402 Cable in the RF Microwave industry.

I published a video on YouTube last week explaining to customers how to use the bender.  Have a look here if you are interested.


Here is my Syil X3 cutting the profile of the cross shaped part.




Needed a 2MT post for my new manual rotary table so I thought I'd have a go with my CNC Lathe.  I am very happy with the results.

 I am now confident to tackle any other Morse Taper (or other tapers).




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