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Hey woodycam,

I unchecked all cv settings in general config when testing. Now i use 3.042.040 and all works smooth like butter. Using FRO often because im still experimenting with feeds so i adjust often while cutting.
If i use a newer version then the above mentioned it stutters with all feeds. Really annoying. I contacted the manufacturer of the leafboy77 and they say its not their hardware causing this.

So i just use above version now. Maybe in the future i step to EdingCnC usb.

Hi Tweakie,

I guess you are right about this. I made sure and checked my usbmove.dll version and installed the latest. The latest version is 2.01.9 30-3-2013. They say it works with latest mach 3.043.066 but nono it works almost haha.

Then i tried installing mach3.042.040 and now the movements are smooth again!

Wish they make a new updated usbmove.dl. I couldn't find any contact info on leafboy site unfortunately.

But it works now with the above mentioned version of mach3.


Ah ok i did not knew. I tried few older but same problem stays.

Im using the 4axis leafboy77 usb card. AKZ250.

Here two videos i made. movement with 3.066 vs 3.041 all same settings. Only difference 3.041 smooth movement 3.066 stuttering movements.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qHI-h6yhiYg   3.066 stutter

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UOCeDS_VfwU   3.041 smooth.

Im running windows7 64bit btw. i7-930, 3,4Ghz, 6gb ram.

Here are my settings in mach3

Good day,

Im jef from The Netherlands. And just busy with cnc a small year so im still a cnc noob mostly  :)

I have a problem with mach3. I had an older version of mach3 and that worked but i found out i couldnt change step en dir pulse setting so i bought the newest mach3 (3.043.066) and installed it.

I copied all old settings that worked to the new mach3  mill XML.

Now i could change the step en dir pulse to 4.

Problem i have now is that the movements are stuttery just like it pauzes really fast, the machine is not shaking but i can see and feel it more or less. This problem i did not have with the old mach3 version.

CV i checked at first but it was on CV mode, all other CV options unchecked in CV control. Lookahead on 200lines. Also on settings screen CV distance and feedrate are unchecked. Backlash is disabled also.

I then reinstalled the old version 3.041 which came with the machine when i bought it.

Ran the same gcode, smooth like butter movements, cranked the feedrate some higher and still smooth movements.

So it has got to do with settings new installed version, but i doublechecked and there are no differences in settings.

What could this be?

ps: gcode file enclosed

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