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is this an issue since I'm running the DEMO version?

i was using autodesk fusion 360 to write my G code. Once written i opened Mach3mill on my laptop can the code ran great (windows 7). i took it to my desk top attached to my machine and tried to load the code it got the "current point same as end point of arc, block= G2 X-0.8565 Y-1.063 R0.065"

I read the forum and i tried changing the IJ settings neither the abs or the inc settings help at all. I did notice the the "Distance mode" was on inc on my laptop but when i loaded the code in to the desktop it automatically changed the "distance mode" to Absolute. i tried changing it and reloading the code and it changed it back to absolute.

tried to run a regular circle through and got the same problem. i ran square through and had no problems. what is weird is that this machine was drawing circles last week with no problem and now this problem?

another weird thing is that when i load the code and it gives me the error. it at about line 502 and there is a line in the code that shows "Z0.2"( inside the code window on mach3) . i opened the code in a text editor and found never find this line in the code?

please help me out im trying to get my first CNC router up and running

i have  attached the code and a screen shot from when i get the error code

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