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Did and they don't?


OK, it was not there, I unloaded it and reloaded V3.02, it was defaulting to the wrong Subdir, I changed it to C:\mach3.3.xx , and it came back with C:\mach3.3.xx\mach3, no just C:\mach3.3.xx was correct, it came back and said it was confirm and said it was already there.

it works, but even when I tick on coordinators, I don't get them on the image?


Ok, I found it in the plugin Dir, and moved it to Temp.

Now the vid plugin dose not even show up in Mach3.

What is next to get the Cam running?


Sorry about that, Mach3 Plugin Camera V3.02.

When I run the app, I get the camera view, I can get into setup, to adjust the Cross, the circle, color.  But when i run Mach3 i get VidieoOCX 24 bit error when I go to run  it inside Mach3.



just got a USB Cam and it comes back with a VideoOCX 24 bits color depth error, I have looked thru the forum and it has been discussed, but there seam to be a void between "I have this problem" and "It works better now"

I loaded the plugin V3 and it shows up in there but Mach3 farts at me every time.

Help please

it is Win 7 Pro.


JFM, That is what i checked for first, but all the connection that jiggles are soldered then taped and the connection from the table off are all tinned and in screw terminals.  All Limit switches are Cat 5, RJ45, and Ecky-Pic!

Any way, It works, so i put it back to the pre-fubar and it still works.

I think I have a Pocket Poltergeist!


Pardon my Battlestar Galactican,

Fracken bizarre! 

Ok, can some one explain?

I reversed the B +/- and it stopped shuttering. Normally reversing one field changes direction of the motor, maybe this is another lack of understanding on my part?

Please enlighten me!


HI again,

Ok I go it all back together and made a a few test passes (no spindle motor in place), looked great, and on the last pass, headed for home, the X axis started to shutter back and forth, Help?

 Testing moved, moved motor feed to other Steeper driver, problem fallowed, the setup was the same on both drivers, if I disconnect the motors and short them it loads up, disconnected it if free runs.

what more info do you need?

I will be waiting baited breath!


Sorry, it is main screen that comes up, it is what ever the Demo copy is, right from Mach3 D/L

It is on the main screen

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