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Manual operation with no system modification:
Spindle runs both directions.
Speed changer works.
Brake works.
E-stop and limits work.

Cannot get table to move at all.
Checked all fuses and power, so assume it's SMD board issues.

Have purchased another ESS (decided I didn't want to rob from my CNC Router) and also the PMDX-126.
Have not hooked either up yet, because I wanted to make sure the Bridgeport drivers were working.

At this point, I'm planning to purchase the three Leadshine DM2282 Drivers.
My question has to do with setup options of the DM2282 driver with the Sigma Stepper.
It appears to be about 5000 options to choose from (exaggeration of course), but if I can glean some knowledge from several people about settings it will relieve some of my angst about not killing a stepper or driver.
So anyone willing to chime in.
I know Royce has this setup, anyone else?

As soon as I get the drivers, I'll do the tear-out and rewire.
Since I'm Socially Insecure, it'll have to wait a little while.


I have just acquired a Series I CNC with BOSS 5.
I'm planning to use MACH 3 and ESS, both that I already have for my CNC Router. 
Planning to use a different BOB for the mill.

I've been cleaning and researching so far.
Found out it was wired for 460, even though all the tags said 230.
Had to order new fuses and heaters for the lower voltage.

Anyone have a suggestion of the Pneumatic oil to use in the lubricator for the Spindle Brake and Speed Control.
I removed the bowl and it appears that no oil has ever been put in it.
The only notes I have found are for the Series II showing "Texaco Copella 'A'"
which I have not been able to find an exact match or substitution for.

Does anyone know where the Actual Machine Serial Number is located?
There are varying numbers on the machine!
It's kind of confusing.

It's been a learning experience, so far.


General Mach Discussion / Re: BP Boss 5 Retrofit Advice Needed
« on: May 16, 2016, 12:49:06 AM »
I am still  around. Ran out of boards about two years ago. Not enough demand and my partner (Also my dad) on this venture passed away. I have attached the instructions I provided with the board for anybody interested.

Sorry Darek
I guess I'm about 5 years too late getting my BOSS system.  I was all prepped to buy a board and get this thing going, but then I read this post from 2-1/2 years ago.  Time to start the re-config over!

Has anyone came up with a similar BOB that can be used with the existing motors, without swapping everything out?


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