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Great. Thank you so much for your feedback. I will test it this week. Have a good day :)

Thank you. How do I need to setup the parallel board (Rosewill Model RC-302)? Will Mach3 take care of the setup if I check "Pins 2-9 as Inputs" in the Port Setup and Axis Selection Tab?

PS. I'm using a Rosewill Model RC-302 parallel Card. It works great on port#1.

I studied the Mach3 manual, but some how don't understand how many inputs are available if two parallel printer boards are used. Please help me to clarify.

Board 1 (Port #1) has 5 inputs (Pin 10, 11, 12, 13, 15) - understood!
Board 2 (Port #2) has ? inputs (Pin 2-9 only? what about pin 10-13 and 15?).

I'm using a CNC4PC C10S Parallel Port Interface Card for Port #2. This card allows to configure for use of pin 2-9 as inputs. The card documentation indicates that 2-9, 10-13 and 15 are inputs. Are all of these inputs (13) supported by the parallel port #2?

In Port Setup and Axis Selection Tab it is possible to specify pins 2-9 as inputs. The Input Signals Tab indicates that only Pins 10-13 and 15 can be used on this screen. Can I enter pins 2-9 for port #2?

Thank you for your help - Don't want to blow up my hardware  ;)

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