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Thanks Rich I really appreciate this.

Rich, I am sorry for the remark I am frustrated. Shouldn't take that out on you.
Please see attached xml.


I am sorry for troubling you, I have studied the manuals.
I may have a mental block but I just want to confirm the

So my last question is after homing the machine and touching off
when I enter the diameter of the
work piece into the DRO does that change the x=0 from the
center of the work piece to the opposite end of the work piece diameter
from where I touched off the tool?

From what I have read x=0 stays at the center line of the lathe.

And for what it is worth I thought this was a support forum.

When I home machine and then move tool tip to edge of work piece which is 1 inch in diameter and touch off x and z and zero both.
Then I place 1.000 in x and 0.000 in z in diameter mode. When I enter G0 x0 shouldn't the tip of the tool go to center of material x=0?
It is going to other end of material. Is this correct?

Thanks Rich for the detailed response Very well done. What did I do wrong in my description?

Hi, here are the steps I am talking to use turning wizard. I start with a 1" dia piece and want to turn to 0.75" dia but it turns to 0.5" dia

Diameter Mode
Home machine
Touch off piece and place at edge
Place 1" in x and click part zero
Place 0" in zed and click part zero
Go to turning wizard
Place 1" in start x
Place 0.75" in end x
Place 0" in start zed
Place -0.25" in end zed
0.010" rough cut
0.005" finish cut
0.1 clearance
Post code
Go to auto, cycle then cycle start
Cuts to zed -0.25"
however x is cut to 0.504" instead of 0.75"
What is normal backlash? Could this be affecting it.
When I touch off and set on edge and move just off face and then  G1 X0 tool goes to other edge not center of piece at 0.
Why? I though zero on lathe is center of object being turned.

Help, What am I doing wrong?


General Mach Discussion / Re: Setup advice needed for Newbie
« on: November 07, 2014, 04:47:18 PM »
Thanks John that helps clear that up.

General Mach Discussion / Setup advice needed for Newbie
« on: November 06, 2014, 08:28:40 AM »
Question 1) Using Mach3 on a lathe. Working in inches and absolute mode.  Have spindle axis setup as Zed and negative toward spindle on left facing lathe from front and positive to right, toolpost in front. My questions are, if X-axis is positive away from me standing facing the lathe with spindle to the left, shouldn't the DRO for X increase toward the positive when I move the cross slide away from me. It currently goes negative. I have 4 home limit switches on the lathe. One at each end of the Zed axis and one at each end of the X axis. I set machine zero by setting home on the Zed axis to the right most positive direction switch and the x axis toward me the supposedly most negative direction switch. Is this correct? Is the DRO supposed to go negative as the x axis is moved in the positive direction?

Question 2) When zeroing a part in the lathe do you place cursor on Progdata so LED is on, touch part on outside edge of part to be turned and then click on ZERO axis for X and Zed? When I try to run a Wizard program for simple turning that way  when the program starts it pulls away from the part but continues to move back and forth and feed in and out  in air in front of the part it should be turning. I am in diameter mode, and set the start X at +1 for a 1" diameter stock and end at 0.75 if I want to take  0.25 off. Z is set at 0 to start and -0.5 to end. The Z axis seems to work fine the x axis works as above. Are there any manuals describing the Wizards?

Question 3) Is Part Zeroing for parting off the workpiece, is it set by move to the point of where you want to part off the workpiece and then zeroing each?

Question 3) How do I correct for backlash, what number(s) is placed in the backlash compensation screen and how do I determine them?

Sorry for all the questions I think Mach3 is great I just need to understand it better?


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