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Hi All,
Happy holidays and best wishes for the New Year to everyone!

Got the IP-A little while back (took almost three weeks by courier!) and started installing over the holidays. Still waiting on DIN rails to mount it permanently and a rail mounted volt/amp meter for monitoring machine AC line draw so just testing single axis for now. Started with the A-axis for simplicity and can move it around. Need to tweak the DAC settings since it tends to rotate slowly when emergency is activated with stand still 0.16V on the analog output instead of 0V. Making up the harnesses for one of the linear axis next. Will update once I have that going.


Lots more stuff to consider   ???
Thanks for the details on the brake. Is it common to see a brake on the z-axis?

simpson36, where in the manual did you see details of wiring the brake? Could not find it. Are you selling the boards you mentioned?
I may start with the opto/relay boards that are already ordered but agree mechanical contacts can provide noise so will update once when I can.

Quick update -  Rewired most components for 220V and they power on ok. Got enough details on the spindle+controller to get those running. Moving on to getting at least one Mitsu drive+motor moving with simple +/- 10v control supply. One of the motors is giving encoder error at power up on the drive display so looking to order replacement.
Still waiting for opto/relay board to arrive. Should be ordering the CSMIO this week.
(Work has been really busy so only getting to this on the weekends)

Yesterday I took out the old controller, limits board, safety module since there are no documentation for any those from the manufacturer (Wietech). Labelled all wires I could follow back. Re-routed some wiring and general clean up. Ordered the MRD-20pin connectors for the Mitsu interfaces and an eight output 24V opto-relay board. This machine is from Germany and they had a 360V 3-phase external transformer with the machine, each AC component (motor drives, spindle controller, ...) are wired to a single phase with neutral so actually using 180V. I will be eliminating the transformer and go directly to 220V 2-phase since each component label states it can do 220V. Maybe they used 180V to account for the 50Hz vs 60Hz. Even the Mitsu drives were wired for single phase instead of three phase so using 180V.

Z-axis Mitsu motor turned out is different than the others, it has connector for encoder at rear and motor power at front then another two wire connector in-between. Haven't seen any Mitsu documentation about this type and cannot read the label without disassembling much of the Z-axis components. Searching for documentation on that one.

Took off remaining covers to get to the spindle controller and its made by F5 and rated at 220V (single or three phase); Searching for documentation on that one.

Jagger spindle has a pneumatic jaw for the tool changer with a round eight pin connector. Engraving on the collar that says 23V, 7Amp, 2-pol, 60000; Searching for documentation on that also.

Will start to re-wire the basics first: AC breaker, power on timer delay and Pilz safety switch.

Holding off ordering the CSMIO till everything else is in place.

I will try using the encoder pass through first and see how the motor calibration deals with it - I believe this is how CSMIO suggested to hook up in the manual.

The digital inputs are opto isolated already, I'll take a look at the others also.
Do you have a recommendation for a BOB or just protoboard the relays/optos?
In my previous hobby machines I just used protoboards but this is more of a industrial build.

Have not looked much at the spindle controller yet - will take a look on the weekend. Its a FEB controller and Jagger drive (maybe 24V) with 8 tool position from what I recall.

That explains it really clearly - appreciated!
Will draw out everything on the weekend one more time and order the IP-A.

Hey All,
I was feeling overwhelmed by the whole servo setup but with the feedback I am more confidence now - thanks.
Attached is the recommendation sent by CSMIO and it matchs Hoods layout.

More questions ... you kinda knew they were coming   :)
IP-A was improved over IP-S due to its analog signaling and DRO feedback.
In the manual, P15R='15VDC power supply ' and LG='Common terminal for TLA, TC, VC, VLA, FPA, FPB, OP,MO1, MO2 and P15R'
These don't seem like differential inputs (?)
There is no separate directional signal required with P15R/LG so are these ccw(-) and cw(+) on these inputs?

Also, Pg 3-26 of the manual shows differential going to PP/PG (CW) and NP/NG (CCW).
These would be digital inputs which the IP-A should be able to handle in case analog inputs are issue?

(I will gladly post details of the final configuration after setup so it helps others)

Thanks for the reply simpson36. I understand the core connections you mentioned and have worked with steppers that used CCW/CW or step/dir also. Servos are new to me but the Mitsu inputs are hard to to understand in the 400+ page manual. Add to that limited docs on the CSMIO and its a head banger.

Reply back from CSMIO:

Signals you have pointed are unneeded as the +/-10V signal decides about motor revs direction and motor rotation speed.

      For correct servo  drive operation in speed mode you need signals:
      1) +/-10V
      2) servo on
     3) reset
     4) ready (ready signal after logic state reverse gives servo alarm signal)
     5) encoder sygnaƂ

On the speed control diagram he highlighted P15R/VC/LG for the +/-10V signaling. Don't want to magic smoke from the $800 controller and appreciate everyones input.
Heading to work now so will check manual when I get back.

IP/A does not support single ended step/dir so need to make sure I get this correct. Only differenital signals so back to the Mitsu manual again   ???
Does it make sense LSP/LSN are the the differential dir and ST1/ST2 are the differential step? (pg 3-16 and 3-17)

Thanks Hood for the reply.
I sent the same details to CSMIO and have not heard back from them. Support seems quite delayed.
My understanding is I would connect ST1/ST2 to analog outputs but not sure about configuration. Just finishing reimaging a dedicated PC (win7-32bit) then loading CSMIO s/w + Mach3 little later. Will try to walk through the configuration. If it all makes sense then I will order the CSMIO-IP/A. Other option to explore Kflop/Kanalog but I like the industrial packaging of the CSMIO products.

Still hoping someone has experience with CSMIO and Mitsu drives and can share details :-)

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