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I wish I could pinpoint it so it could be fixed, but I don't even know whether it resides in the plugin or Mach3.

Here is the latest. I also posted this on the cnc zone forum.

Lee sent the modified plugin, and all has been well for several days now. I hope it stays that way.

I have to wonder though, if Vista is aware of this bug why do they ship pendants with plugins that interact with it in such a dangerous way? Wouldn't it be safer to only ship the modified version?


I just got this response from Vista:

Hi Mike,

As said in previous email, this is a Mach3 bug.
From the pendant side, I can send you a modified plugin that disable the function of feedhold, so the start/hold button only has function of start. This will avoid to put the machine in hold position when press the button.

You can assign any one of the F key to feedhold Funtime.


Argh! The gremlin is back! I welded several parts successfully using the pendant. Then the feeds became rapids again. I hadn't changed anything. Just loaded another part and hit start. And as soon as I clicked through the M0 stop, it started doing it again.

That fixed it.


Your colleague Brett suggested the same thing.

So I cloned the functioning version and installed the Vista plugin. And it now works just like it's supposed to! I have no clue what I did differently on my first attempt and it sure has me scratching my head. But it doesn't do rapids in place of feeds anymore.

I have noticed a new problem that has nothing to do with the pendant. For whatever reason, my A axis now feeds in degrees per minute rather than inches per minute. No matter what value I put in the A axis radius box (in the settings window) the rotary axis seems to move in degrees per minute. The old configuration didn't have this problem. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Many thanks to Rob, Terry and Brett at Artsoft for getting this pendant problem fixed!


OK, here is the latest in my Vista P2S pendant and Mach3 saga. I started from a totally new Mach3. A time consuming process for sure. Lots of things to set.

But the bottom line is, it now works fine! No more rapid moves that were intended to be feed moves.

Evidentally the Vista P2S pendant plugin corrupts Mach3. And in a potentially dangerous way. Especially if you are running something like a mill or lathe. If you are running a machine like this with a Vista P2S pendant installed, please be careful and try your new programs cutting air only.

I plan to return this Vista P2S pendant. Does anyone know of a good pendant that works with Mach3?

Are you referring to the general config popup in the config menu? I don't see a way to reconfigure that from scratch other than installing a fresh copy of Mach3.

If I'm running from the Mach3 screen (no pendant), and I restart from an M1 or M0 by clicking on the "Cycle Start" button everything works fine through the whole program.

If I'm running from the pendant, due to the dual purpose of the start/hold position of the selector switch, I have to click "Hold" before "Start". There is no choice in the matter that I can see. And this is when all subsequent feed moves become rapid moves. Even when running the program again from the start. It then has nothing to do with M1s or M0s. The only way to clear it is to exit Mach3 and restart it.

What is interesting to me, is that if I am running without the pendant and press "Hold", then "Start" to move past an M1 or M0, it does the same thing. So, is it a bug in Mach3 or has has the Vista plugin corrupted Mach3? Your result points to a plugin problem, don't you think?

Thanks again for responding!

I restructured the program so that the pauses are like this:


I also removed the plugin from the Mach3 folder. This was in addition to deactivating it in the configuration screen.

The problem is still there. It is very persistent!

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