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FAQs / Re: Lost Brain
« on: August 28, 2014, 07:46:28 AM »
PS: I have read and watched the materail I could find on this site. So please don't advise me to read the "user's Guide to Brain's" or to go watch the video's, I have done that, and I still need help?

FAQs / Lost Brain
« on: August 28, 2014, 07:44:02 AM »
Yes I have lost mine.....

Do I actually need to have a brain for running Mach3 via Modbus to operate my 4 axis CNC machine?

If so, Can someone, PLEASE tell me where to begin? Do I need a pen and paper to map out what I want to do and then look at the Tut video's and endless documentation again, before I start?

I am completely lost and require utter NOOB assistance!

Hi as well ,
My build has been a long time coming as with most it was going to be relatively easy and as many I guess have found it is a challenge to say the least .I have been lucky to have great support close by Homann Designs  great product ,I however don't have the electrical prowess but I am learning slowly along with mach 3 I think I need the tutorials on disc so as to watch them again and again for the things I have missed I will get there ,cheers all.

Exactly the same with me, thought it was going to be easy and ironic enough the more I get to read the less i know and even worse the less i understand. At first I thought I knew what to do, now I don't even know who I am hahahahahaha


Now lastly, is there some banking details that I missed perhaps?

Details for deposits for assistance?  :D

Oh and please tell me I can do payments via PayPal? :D

Thanx Tweakie

you seem like one of "them", the active "furniture" (konwledgeable) of the site!

Tell me something if you don't mind?

Is it normal to think you know what to do and then to be completely confused the very next moment you read something?

Maybe I should have started here

My name is Henk and I am a tech freak, love working with my hands and creating stuff, cannot sit still and I have little patience when I need to do something and cannot for some or other reason beyond my control (very costly at times, LOL)

Anyhow, I started building a 4 axis CNC machine and was told (also read great reviews about) Mach3 as a CNC control platform, so here I am.

Have done lots and lots of reading, but I soon realised that if I had started by reading I probably never would have built a custom CNC machine (software part is a nightmare).

BUT, it's done now, so I have to continue, another costly trait, I cannot leave stuff incomplete!

Now onto business, very happy to see the wealth of experienced members here. Pretty sure I am at the right place and that I will grow and learn more than I expected here.

Might need to update my profile to include the specs of "EVO 1.I", thats what I call my build, "EVO" as in Evolution, don't ask, hehehehehe and "1.I" just extends the EVO part in that it reffers to version "1" dot "Infinity", yep it probably will never be "finished" there will always be something to change or add. So I know now that this membership is a long-term thing and I hope to get to the point where I too can be part of the furniture with the abilities of the experienced members here!

Great site!

Brains Development / testing the water, so to speak
« on: August 27, 2014, 06:06:23 AM »

Yes total noob at this (all of it) but managed to get my arduino to be a slave, comms between Mach3 and arduino (ModBus slave) seems to be working (test's can read and write) and started some of the config's in Mach screens, however, I have no idea how to start a brain.

I have created one, but completely lack the means to be sure if it will work for what I have. So here's me testing the water, if I post it here, would somebody please be so kind as to at least check it for me and tell me it's rubbish or yes it will work, but i still need to rework it?

I have the following as far as the physical machine setup goes:

4 axis X,Y, Z and a rotational axis B parallel fitted to Y pointing in the Y- direction.
these are connected to four Nema23 1.8deg Steppers, X, Y, and Z have 3NM holding torque and B only has 1NM holding torque.
4 Wantai DQ542MA stepper controllers.
a cooling pump currently manually switched (would love to include that into the brain, dunno how to thou)
Manual (POT operated speed control, Not very accurate at best) speed control for the router spindle.
iPad app, to be installed today along with the PC applet (looking forward to this control interface)
No limit switches at current, perhaps me struggling with the brain is a blessing in disguise as to ensure I have these installed prior to any actual movements of the machine. I am intending to install at least two per X, Y and Z axis and hopefully also a homing switch (not too sure how many and config (physical machine layout) would be required)
There is a 2Channel relay that is still to be fitted to actually cut the power at the end of a program (entire cycle one channel) remainder channel to cut router and coolant power between tool changes (tool cycle ends)
and lastly, an arduino LCDKeypad (six button) shield which p;ugs onto the mega2560 board which was intended for info regarding realtime axis pos, toolpath/job duration/status/completion but again i am hampered by my lack of knowledge. Having said that I cannot do something if I am just told to do it, I need to understand it and therefore have to learn how to do it myself.

PLEASE I do not want any handouts just some help in understanding how to get my and the Mach3 brain working for the above specs?

Thanx in advance!

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