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I don't think so. I've installed the newest ESS Plugin and it's the same. And when this happens, the axis movement is accordingly to the DRO's. With an G31 X0, both the X- and the A-Axis DROs move. If I disable the Motor Output for A-Axis, the Problem vanishes.

The imperial option shouldn't be a problem. It should be doable in a few days to convert all User Input and Output from mm to inches according to a setting. I'll report if it's ready.

The diameter and pitch input is accordingly to the Thread in Millimeters or Inch. Do you mean the Input for the Length and the Output for the diameters and tolerances? That is doable, because it's just everything divided  /25.4 and shown in a format "0.####"  But to avoid confusion, I'd put the selection on the settings page because then the output would be accordingly. It would be also better to put a "G20" or "G21" in the GCode output to make it destinguable.

Because I had to make all the testing alone and I didn't cut that much threads, there were some bugs in v0.10 to fix. If you look closely at the code I've posted above, in the G76 line both the k and z values were negative. But the k value should be positive to have a run-up. That was the biggest bug to fix. Unfortunately, the version 0.11 then wasn't extractable from the zip-file, but that was due to an windows7 bug (if you copy & replace something in win7 into a zip-file, the file gets corrupted). Today, I've uploaded v0.12, and that one should work properly. I've made an M5x1.5 p2 and a M14x1 and in both cases bolt and nut matched perfectly at the first try - awesome.

heres the xml

Mach3 version R3.043.066, and it was a typo - straight probe is G31.

General Mach Discussion / Another strange axis movement: G37 and 4th axis
« on: December 31, 2015, 12:24:14 PM »

currently I'm fighting some strange axis movements after I've added an 4th axis (A) to my mill. Now, an G37 (probe) move in the X,Y or Z direction moves mostly the A-Axis with the feedrate given and the axis given in the G37 command only in very small steps. That is in G90 and G91 mode. Only if I disable the 4th axis in "Ports and Pins" the problem vanishes. Any Ideas? Known problem? Bug? RTFM? No slaved axis there, of course.

Answer to your questions:

I work with version 043.066, where the M1076.m1s file is in the root folder (not in /macros !! )

There is in the menu under Options/Parameter the X-Axis mode switchable between Radius and Diameter mode. (Documentated in the help file)

As for the G-Code header, take what you normally prefer for your work. For example, on my lathe with my tooltable the M10x0,75 program will look like (in radius mode):

Code: [Select]
g18 g21 g40 g90 g94 g80
G77 r5 x4.953 k0.0 z-20.0
G76 p0.75 r4.953 x4.396 h0.2273 i29.5 k-1.631 z-20.0 l360 q0

This will first bring the diameter down from 10 to 9.9 mm with a normal cutter, then request a tool change, and then cut the M10x0,75 with 6 passes (the first is 0.22 mm deep, which is okay even for a small HSS 60° cutter with a sharp edge. With some other tool you can probably cut it in only two passes ...). But the surrounding lines of code are very different for everyone, depending on the setup of the machine. The purpose of my software is in finding the initial dia (9.9 mm in this case), the depth based on the tolerance (0.2273 mm in radius), and to check the number of passes needed, which gives the depth of the first cut.

In Diameter mode, the two lines will change properly to G77 rXX x9.906 ... and G76 p0.75 r9.906 x8.792 h0.4546 ... that looks okay.

I found a bug, too - the steps for five passes aren't displayed properly, but that doesn't change the output.

I don't know, but there seems to be something lurking in the depths of the code ... a few days ago, my feedrate changed suddenly from 70 mm/min to 1000 mm/min and couldn't be changed with the f word. A reboot fixed that, but not the tool  >:(

If that's now good or bad, that this was a one-of-a-kind-accident ...?

So, just for information:

My application is fully portable, it doesn't need an installer. The *.zip contains the G76 Macro Helper.exe, which needs only the settings.ini in the same folder to run and looks there for the two Help files (EN and DE). So, it's as small and transparent as it gets - most of the 300kb of the archive are the images. And, if I get 100 downloads, that would be a lot. So, there's nothing really to tamper with. And, contrary to the FileZilla project, I never expect to get any money from my project and so I surely doesn't agree to any Adware.

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