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Share Your GCode / Re: Inkscape with GCode tools
« on: November 06, 2014, 06:21:52 AM »
Thank you Tony,
I wonder if anyone has tried "Dip Trace"? One can save the file as a Gerber and with this one should be able to import into coppercam or similar.
I have not tried it (too bloody busy with mundane things :-(  )
What i like in DipTrace, it's very easy to use even for a novice like me, just need to find the time to play more.
Libraries are comprehensive and easy to use


Share Your GCode / Re: Inkscape with GCode tools
« on: July 31, 2014, 09:02:42 AM »
Thank you Tweakie,
I appreciate your help so please don't be sorry.
At least I know now where I stuffed up where to concentrate on.
Thanks and best regards

Share Your GCode / Inkscape with GCode tools
« on: July 31, 2014, 07:20:47 AM »
Hello Gurus,
Just recently started up doing the CNC thing. Had some problems with setting up my very cheap 3020T (2nd.Hand) and now it appears to be working correctly.
I'm only interested to do the occasional PCB and since I have a few saved up in BMP, I needed a program that could convert BMP into Gcode.
I came across Inkscape with together of an addon "GCodetools" can do that. Both programs are free.

But of course there are problems, for which I need to find some answers. Below is the generated Gcode:
When I put this into Mach3 I get the start point (XY) way out on the left front, an obvious mistake, probably within the code, however I got no idea of how to rectify this problem.
So, if some kind soul could look at it and advise me, it would be very much appreciated.  :)

Best regards

(Generated by gcodetools from Inkscape.)
(Using default header. To add your own header create file "header" in the output dir.)
(Header end.)
G21 (All units in mm)

(Start cutting path id: path2996)
(Made by F. Deutsch)
(Change tool to Default tool)

G00 Z5.500000
G00 X121.678088 Y96.520005

G00 Z3.900000 (Fast pre-penetrate)
G01 Z-1.100000 F100.0(Penetrate)
G02 X121.896658 Y96.865880 Z-1.100000 I0.382951 J0.000000 F400.000000
G02 X122.865739 Y97.084449 Z-1.100000 I0.969081 J-2.039050
G01 X124.053389 Y97.084449 Z-1.100000
G01 X122.865739 Y98.294576 Z-1.100000
G02 X122.603753 Y99.684516 Z-1.100000 I0.907588 J0.890729
G02 X123.794755 Y100.471116 Z-1.100000 I1.191002 J-0.508358
G02 X125.666183 Y100.225877 Z-1.100000 I0.000000 J-7.263090
G02 X125.911422 Y99.906671 Z-1.100000 I-0.085122 J-0.319205
G02 X125.692852 Y99.560796 Z-1.100000 I-0.382951 J0.000000
G02 X124.723771 Y99.342227 Z-1.100000 I-0.969081 J2.039050
G01 X123.536121 Y99.342227 Z-1.100000
G01 X124.723771 Y98.132100 Z-1.100000
G02 X124.985757 Y96.742160 Z-1.100000 I-0.907588 J-0.890729
G02 X123.794755 Y95.955560 Z-1.100000 I-1.191002 J0.508358
G02 X121.923327 Y96.200799 Z-1.100000 I0.000000 J7.263090
G02 X121.678088 Y96.520005 Z-1.100000 I0.085122 J0.319205
G01 X121.678088 Y96.520005 Z-1.100000
G00 Z5.500000

Hello gurus,
noobee here from the land of Oz.
I wonder if some kind soul would share a GCode for any small PCB. I have set up my 3040 and now I need to test it out and I have not had the time to make/design a PCB on EAGLE.
Cranky Franky

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