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Hi everyone,

I have done a lot of reading on this forum and finally got enough money to buy the software.
(i did think about waiting for mach4, but the 500 line limit was very annoying!)

one of the first things i tried to get going was RPM sensing on my router, but i couldn't. so i moved on to well anything else.
Now the machine (JGRO variant, linear rails and belt drive, mainly used for model plan building atm) is up and running with less than 1mm in play,
I built a new spindle from a Brushless RC plane motor. so now i am back on the RPM bandwagon!

i have found lots of article's and questions regarding this and they all just seem to stop, probably when the user gets it going.
I even found a PDF someone produced of their setup that a lot a valuable information in it.

SO here is my setup

- Home made Spindle (made out of ER11 collet,  a really big Brush-less RC plane engine geared down with a 15tooth to 60 tooth pulleys)
   speed controlled by servo tester for the moment, building a (mach)PWM to (esc)PWM converter soon
- Single slotted disk for the index pulse (150-200mm is size with a single 10mm slot on the largest pulley connected to the ER11 extension shaft.)
- An Opto connected to pin 10
  (tested via automated setup in ports and pins + i can see the LED turn on in the diag page)
  (it has been assigned to 'index')

lastly under 'spindle setup'
i have
-de-selected 'use spindle  motor output'
-selected 'use spindle feedback in sync mode'
- selected 'spindle speed averaging'
- selected 'disable spindle relays' & "flood mist control" as i dont use them.

But try as i might the DRO on the standard mach3 screen set will not show anything.

I have found mention of 'de-bounce' ad changing it but i am not able to figure out where this 'de-bounce' is set at


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